Driving Innovation From Within: Pipelife Ideas & More Turns 15

17. March 2023 | 5 min read

Did you know that every Pipelifer, no matter their position, department or business unit, can share their own vision of how the company can further grow and improve? This has been made possible thanks to Ideas & More — an online ideas database and community created 15 years ago by Pipelife’s R&D team. More than 3600 ideas later, we talked with the man who started it all — the Head of Pipelife’s R&D department Zoran Davidovski.

A young guy leaning back to take a photo of a tree from an unusual angle | Pipelife © Ben Tofan
“Finding different angles” has become the slogan of the Ideas & More community.

Sharing is Caring

The principle behind Ideas & More is simple: employees that have improvements in mind concerning any company-relevant area can enter them in an online database and share with the entire group in minutes.

From working environment to production and from product innovation to customer service, the platform now houses more than 3600 ideas. Around 700 of these have already been implemented, and many are being tested and developed further.

Zoran Davidovski, the founder of the platform, admits that he got inspired by point-based loyalty programs implemented by many businesses: 

“The way Ideas & More works has essentially stayed the same throughout the years — users receive points for entering their ideas as well as for rating and commenting on the ideas already submitted.”

Currently, every Ideas & More point equals 0.50 EUR, and, as Zoran sums it up, the earned points can be either donated or spent on “anything that’s moral and legal.” Some of the most active users have materialized their points into inspiring projects and initiatives.

Portrait photo of Zoran Davidovski, the Head of Pipelife's R&D department
Zoran Davidovski, the Head of Pipelife's R&D department, founded Ideas & More 15 years ago.
A Bedroom in the House that Will Host Refugees | Pipelife
Nikolay Markov, Product Manager at Pipelife Bulgaria, used his Ideas & More points to purchase missing appliances for a guesthouse and offer shelter to Ukrainian refugees.

Building Upon the Previous Successes

Ideas & More was officially launched on the 1st of January, 2009. Over the past 15 years, the platform has become a valuable source and discussion space where not only new ideas are coined but also the previously submitted ones can be examined, developed further and taken to the next level.

“This platform is not only about sharing big, complex ideas,” emphasizes Zoran. “We also appreciate submissions that are quite simple to implement, for example, an update to a tool we already have. Such ideas also make a difference.”

Encouraging employees to present their ideas and improvements is critical for the success and growth of any company. It fosters a collaborative work culture, spurs innovation and productivity, and leads to higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Stormwater retention tank built with Stormbox E crates made from 100% recycled material | Pipelife
Producing stormwater retention crates from 100% recycled material is one of more than 700 employee ideas already brought to life via Ideas & More.

Paying It Forward

While the Ideas & More community has been growing from year to year, five years ago, Zoran noticed that some users were not actively redeeming their points. Therefore, an option to donate the points was added to the platform and immediately embraced by its users.

The first charity that Ideas & More started to work with was “SOS Kinderdorf Austria” — a nonprofit organization supporting children without parental care and families at risk. Recently, donations were also made to nonprofit organizations providing emergency aid in Ukraine and Turkey, and Pipelife offered to double the sum donated by the employees.

“Since 2018, almost 22,000 euros have been donated through Ideas & More, and we will continue to use the platform to support important causes,” says Zoran. “We also hold special promotions and campaigns where users can earn extra points and have an even greater impact by donating them. Our community is highly committed to giving back by helping address social and humanitarian issues that cannot be ignored.”

Four children playing outdoors at a SOS Kinderdorf village in Austria | Pipelife © Gerhard Berger / Sos-Kinderdorf
The first charity supported by Ideas & More became “SOS Kinderdorf Austria.” The nonprofit helps children without parental care and families at risk.
A young girl is putting up her drawing on a wall at SOS Kinderdorf village in Austria | Pipelife © SOS-Kinderdorf
Since 2018, the Ideas & More community has donated almost 22,000 euros to address current social and humanitarian issues.

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