Premium Irrigation Solutions for the Balkan Region: Pipelife Bulgaria Opens a New Production Line

14. April 2023 | 3 min read

Excellent precision, clog-free performance, and speedy delivery — Pipelife’s new premium drip tape meets even the highest expectations. In response to the growing demand for drip irrigation systems in the Balkan region, Pipelife Bulgaria set up a new production line at its plant in Botevgrad earlier this year.

Multiples rolls of the premium drip tape at Pipelife's warehouse in Botevgrad | Pipelife

Increasing the Availability of a Highly Demanded Product

In response to increasing droughts and heat waves, more and more farmers in the Balkan countries rely on precision irrigation solutions to protect their crops and secure higher yields. Among the various irrigation technologies available, precision- or drip irrigation systems stand out due to the water and energy consumption savings they offer.

At the beginning of this year, Pipelife Bulgaria started the production of drip irrigation tape at its factory in Botevgrad. The new premium drip tape perfectly complements Pipelife’s precision irrigation product range, ensuring the customers receive a complete solution from one supplier.

Dusan Jankovic, Irrigation Business Development Manager at Pipelife, comments on the recently launched line:

“The main reason for manufacturing the premium drip tape at our Botevgrad plant is to ensure the supply of a product that is preferred by 70-80% of the Balkan farmers that use irrigation. The new line and our on-site warehouse allow us to be highly flexible in production and respond to customer requests immediately, even when high quantities are ordered.”

Production of the premium drip tape at Botevgrad | Pipelife
Quality assessments are being performed during the production process | Pipelife

State-of-the-Art Production Technology Eliminates Common Drip Irrigation Issues

When choosing a drip tape, it is recommended to take a close look at its filtration area where the water is released. Frequent clogging, which leads to time-consuming maintenance, is a widespread problem caused by low-quality lines.

Pipelife uses a manufacturing technology that enables the production of a seamless hose with an integrated labyrinth and laser-cut slots. Laser technology is used for top-quality drip tapes, and the precisely cut slots prevent penetration of roots and soil particles during the irrigation season. To eliminate any manufacturing errors, every single coil undergoes a pressure test, dripper uniformity test and is examined for visual discrepancies.

“With this line, we are producing a top-quality product. The technology we use automatically performs quality assessments on eight different parameters while the coil is still in production. Afterward, another testing machine examines the dripping quality. Furthermore, we place QR codes on every coil, which means every batch released from our plant is trackable, providing additional assurance to the farmers.” adds Jankovic.

The new line is currently used to produce the most common DN 16 drip tape, as well as a DN 22 tape, which is applied for drip irrigation projects that require a higher flow rate or longer section lengths.

The control panel of the new production line at Botevgrad | Pipelife
A close up of two premium drip lines produced at Botevgrad | Pipelife

Speedy Deliveries Across the Balkan Region

Pipelife Bulgaria has already made the first deliveries of premium drip tape to several large-scale irrigation projects in Hungary, Serbia and Romania. With the installation season just around the corner and client orders coming in, the recently opened line is in high demand.

“Having our own production line is a big advantage not only for Bulgaria, but also for all the other countries in the Balkan region, as we can cut delivery times and costs even further,” says Georgi Petrov, Sales Representative of Irrigation systems at Pipelife Bulgaria. “Along with the excellent product performance and a fully tailored system design, it is the service quality that the farmers we work with particularly appreciate.”

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