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Fertigation systems


Fertigation systems for drip irrigation

Feeding water-soluble fertilizers through your precision irrigation system has many advantages as the right amount of fertilizer is brought directly to the plant’s root zone.

Therefore, you do not only optimize plant health and growth while saving on fertilizer, but you are also protecting your soil. By adding automated fertigation equipment to your irrigation setup, you also save 100% of the work dedicated to fertilizing your fields. 

Fertigation Injector


Based on the principle of creating a vacuum through pressure difference, a simple automatic injector is ideal for smaller fertigation systems.

Fertilizer injectors are widely used in smaller gardens and farms as well as in modern greenhouses and nurseries.

Motor Driver Dosing Pump for Irrigation

Motor-driven dosing pumps

Motor-driven dosing systems are usually applied in larger-scale projects. You can match various pump heads with a variety of motor sizes for a perfect fit.

Our fertigation dosing pumps are highly reliable, resistant to chemicals and effortless to maintain, saving time, effort and costs for farmers.

Precision Fertigation System for Irrigation

Precision fertigation systems

Direct injection fertigation machines with one to several fertilizer channels are used in large-scale irrigation projects.

Our state-of-the-art automatic fertigation systems offer maximum flow rate control and dosing accuracy.

Benefits of Fertigation Systems

Maximized yields

Applying nutrients with irrigation water leads to greater crop growth and higher yields compared to traditional soil fertilization methods.

Optimized plant health

Both over- and under-fertilization pose risks to crops. With fertigation, you can deliver the right dosage of nutrients to each plant.

Lower fertilizer costs

The nutrient solution is applied in the root zone, ensuring excellent absorption and preventing waste. Thus, lower fertilizer doses are needed.

Less labor

Fertigation systems can be equipped with automated controls, saving the work required with traditional fertilization methods.

High adaptability

You can fine-tune the fertilizer doses whenever necessary, ensuring ideal nutrient uptake for every crop type.

reduced leaching

As smaller nutrient quantities are applied to the soil, the risk of pollution and nutrient washing during rainfalls is prevented.

Finding the best fertigation solution for your crops

The wide range of products available on the market can be overwhelming. Not only do types and functionalities vary from simple to almost scientific, but also the price range is impressively large. It is crucial to choose a system that suits your profile. With a wide choice of products at hand, we can design a fertigation system that matches the size of your irrigation project, crop needs and your personal preferences regarding technical complexity.

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Greenhouse plants

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