Reinforcing Water Infrastructure: Installation of High-Capacity Drinking Water Reservoir in Stattegg

19. March 2024 | 4 min read

In the municipality of Stattegg, a major public infrastructure project has been recently completed, replacing the existing elevated concrete tanks with state-of-the-art, high-capacity drinking water reservoirs made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The ambitious initiative required seamless collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure a secure and reliable drinking water supply for Stattegg's residents.

Drinking water storage tanks installation in Stattegg, Austria

Addressing All Pillars of Drinking Water Security

Achieving water security has multiple aspects. Ensuring a reliable supply of our most precious resource is crucial, especially in times of increasing droughts and water scarcity. Equally important is the quality, safety and hygiene of the materials used in the supply chain to prevent any loss or contamination of drinking water. Relying on the highest-quality components for water supply, storage and distribution, Austria is known for its excellent drinking water quality. 

Drinking water storage tanks from Pipelife Austria's range are widely used throughout the country and have proven to be a solution that ticks all boxes. Available for many applications and in various sizes, the high-quality glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) tanks provide exceptional flexibility in planning to meet specific customer requirements and preferences.

Drinking water storage tanks in Stattegg, Austria
View inside of drinking water tank

Enhancing Water Security in Stattegg

The village of Stattegg, located at the foot of Mount Schöckl and bordering Graz to the north, is home to nearly 3,000 residents. To enhance the reliability and safety of the local water supply infrastructure, the Stattegg municipality opted not only to renovate the existing concrete elevated tanks but also to increase the network's total storage capacity. This strategic decision was made to handle demand peaks better and ensure a continuous and secure drinking water supply at all times.

Bringing the project to life required close collaboration between Dieter Dormann's planning office and Pipelife Austria. Together, both parties devised an optimal solution for the municipality of Stattegg: three GRP water chambers, each with a diameter of 3 meters and a length of 20.60 meters, connected by a transverse gate valve chamber measuring 13.40 meters. 

This configuration provides an impressive total storage volume of 400 m³, and the tank is also equipped with an air filter and safety unit. The new storage tank will be fed from two sources, the Augraben Spring and the Kalte-Rinne Spring.  

Drinking water storage tank delivered to Stattegg, Austria
Water Reservoir finished view in Stattegg, Austria

Navigating Logistical Challenges 

Karl Tschuchnik, Pipelife Field Service Representative, oversaw the implementation of the entire project, from planning to supply of the storage tanks. 

All components for the GRP tanks, sourced directly from the manufacturer AquaSystem, were delivered on six trucks. The complex delivery required the closure of tunnels along the route and the construction of a special access road to the site. Addressing these challenges demanded the utmost expertise and seamless cooperation among all stakeholders. 

View inside of drinking water tank
Water Reservoir finished view in Stattegg, Austria

Speedy Installation and Improved Water Security

All tank components were supplied in May 2023 within just two days. After assembly, the water reservoir was covered with earth and replanted with vegetation. Only the entrance door to the valve chamber now indicates the substantial drinking water reserves stored beneath the hill.

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