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Winter can present practical challenges for cities, businesses and homeowners alike. Icy surfaces in public spaces, industrial facilities and residential areas can lead to injuries and operational downtime.

By running hydronic heating pipes under paving materials, our solution effectively melts surface-level ice to leave the ground beneath your feet safe and operational. 

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Pipelife PERT/EVOH pipes surface heating and cooling


Pipelife PERT II heating pipes are flexible while maintaining excellent form stability. Designed to withstand the temperature, pressure and chemical requirements of an outdoor heating solution, they also include an integrated EVOH barrier to prevent oxygen diffusion and subsequent system corrosion. All pipes are produced to the highest quality standards in accordance with EN ISO 21003. 

Pipelife manifold with prefab cabinet


We offer stainless steel and brass manifolds in both standard and prefabricated arrangements. All manifolds include regulating valves that optimize the flow rate to the required capacity as well as a flow meter for confirming correct design parameters.  

Our prefabricated manifold cabinets come pressure-tested and fully pre-assembled. They can be easily connected to corresponding products by a single installer and immediately put into operation. 

With our manifold configurator, you can combine various manifolds, cabinets and connections for a bespoke system customized to your needs.




Our wide range of accessories includes versatile mounting rails, nickel-plated euro cone adapters for reliable pipe-manifold connections, and pipe bend supports for securing pipes when laying horizontal-to-vertical installations. 


Hydronic snow-melting systems are valuable additions for those who have to live and work through icy winter conditions. Discover how our snow-melting solution will enable your properties, businesses and public areas to prosper all year round.  


Hydronic systems are economical to run since they operate at low service temperatures and can take advantage of efficient energy sources, such as heat pumps. This minimizes their energy use and, therefore, running costs.  


Our solution significantly reduces the risk of accidents around your property. Hydronic systems establish secure and navigable surfaces by melting the ice and compacted snow that shoveling or plowing fails to address. 


We can align the hydronic system with your existing drainage setup to ensure the melted ice is safely evacuated before it has the chance to refreeze. We also offer a number of drainage solutions, from underground water storage to permeable pavers, that can be installed in conjunction with your snow-melting system.


Our snow-melting systems are easily adapted to various property layouts, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Take advantage of our in-house design team for a completely bespoke, prefabricated setup to save time and money during installation. 


Thanks to their low operating temperatures, hydronic snow-melting solutions are ideally matched with renewable energy systems, such as heat pumps — further increasing the sustainability of an already energy-efficient heating solution.


Made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, our hydronic systems are designed for longevity with minimal maintenance. This means less downtime and fewer repairs over the system's lifespan, offering you a reliable, long-term solution for ice and snow management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydronic snow-melting systems work by running warm fluid through pipes that lie beneath outdoor surfaces. As the fluid circulates, the surface is heated above freezing temperatures and, therefore, melts the snow and ice that has accumulated on top.

The main advantage of hydronic systems is their superior energy efficiency. By circulating warm fluid through pipes beneath the paving surface, these systems evenly disperse heat with significantly less energy than electric systems. 

This efficiency not only leads to lower operational costs but, as they function at comparatively low service temperatures, it facilitates greater compatibility with renewable energy systems. This is another advantage over electric alternatives as it can further reduce running costs while improving sustainability. 

While electric systems operate at an inefficient 1:1 input-to-heating-output ratio, hydronic setups can produce 4-5 times as much heat energy from the equivalent input when paired with a heat pump.

Absolutely — we offer a comprehensive design service to make sure your hydronic setup is perfectly aligned with your outdoor area. 

Based on the information you provide, we will develop a system layout proposal, detailed heating-capacity calculations, energy-saving estimates, complete product and accessory specifications, technical drawings and installation guidelines — demonstrating a complete picture of your new snow-melting solution.

We can then use this information to manufacture a prefabricated system tailored to your space for faster, error-free installations.

Yes, hydronic systems are certainly an environmentally friendly snow and ice removal method. 

They operate at relatively low temperatures and, therefore, have minimal energy requirements. Because of this, they are also well suited to renewable energy systems, such as heat pumps, which can further improve their overall sustainability. 

Furthermore, the melting of hydronic snow and ice mitigates the need for road salt, which has severe environmental consequences. Salt is eventually washed into local water bodies via rainwater runoff, impacting animal and plant life and potentially toxifying drinking water sources.

Yes, integrating with existing hydronic underfloor heating is not only possible but can also bring down the cost of your snow-melting solution through the utilization of existing assets. 

By connecting snow-melting pipes to your underfloor heating manifold and boiler, you can use the same energy infrastructure that keeps your indoor spaces warm to ensure paths and driveways remain ice-free while avoiding unnecessary additional purchases.

Hydronic snow-melting systems are very cost-effective to run, thanks to their low operating temperatures and minimal energy requirements. These not only decrease standard energy bills but also facilitate excellent compatibility with renewable systems like heat pumps for further cost reductions. 

Pipelife hydronic snow-melting systems are manufactured from high-quality raw materials to last at least 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Our hydronic snow-melting systems are competitively priced. They are bespoke solutions designed to the custom requirements of your outdoor area, and the price varies accordingly. Please get in touch with your local Pipelife partner for a detailed offer.

You can buy hydronic snow-melting systems directly from your local Pipelife partner. We are present in over 20 European countries, all of whom will be happy to field any of your purchasing inquiries. For more details, see the list of our operating countries at the bottom of the page. 


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