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Air is a vital part of our life. You can provide fresh ventilation where windows stay closed.


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Ventilation systems for healthy indoor air quality

As we expect clean water to run out of our taps, there is no exception to having clean and comfortable air running through our living and working areas. However, where building structures are more airtight, it can be a challenge to properly ventilate interiors. This is where our ventilation systems come into their own. 

Designed and manufactured with both old and modern building structures in mind, you can  create optimal living conditions that suit individual needs. Choose from a broad range of solutions, from  flexible and rigid pipes, soundproof distributors, floor and wall outlets, as well as supply and exhaust air valves, that provide you peace of mind with safe and quick installations. Our systems are easy to clean, provide a long service life, and require minimal space or maintenance.

Where does ventilation make sense?

Specifically in modern buildings such as low-energy or passive houses , which are well insulated and built to be airtight. In these cases moisture, odors, CO2 and other pollutants cannot be vented by simply opening windows. Stagnant, damp air does not only present health risks but can permanently damage buildings. 

An efficient ventilation system makes sure that buildings are supplied with sufficient fresh air at all times, while stagnant air, pollutents and moisture are vented. 

Wienerberger Haus

Benefits for owners and end users

  • Optimized air circulation and ventilation at all times
  • Preserving the building's value by limiting the risk of damage caused by humidity
  • Quiet ventilation with sound insulated distribution pipes, floor and wall vents
  • Long service life with little to no maintenance
  • Less energy consumption for heating / cooling 
  • Compatible with eco energy sources such as heat exchangers
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News and Projects

Residential complex outfitted by Pipelife Austria

Pipelife Austria has supplied the majority of the pipes and accessory components for the building services of a residential complex in Götzendorf, Lower Austria.

May 09, 2020 | 4 min read

Goetzendorf building service installations from one source

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