Versatile and efficient alternatives to air conditioning

As temperatures in Europe continue to rise, investors and homeowners are placing increasing value on cooling solutions. Radiant cooling offers a cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning with added functional and operational benefits.

Pipelife cooling systems comply with projects of all types, sizes and stages of development, while our comprehensive design service ensures setups are tailored to your specific requirements. 

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Hydronic Wall Cooling Systems

Installing a hydronic wall system is the easiest way to take advantage of radiant cooling in your property. Perfect for energy renovation projects, they are quick to install and avoid invasive construction methods. Installation processes can be streamlined further with our prefabricated gypsum panels that are simply fixed onto the wall before being plastered over for a smooth, aesthetic finish. 

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Hydronic Ceiling Cooling Systems

Ceiling-integrated hydronic systems ensure comprehensive surface coverage for even and efficient radiant cooling throughout spaces of all sizes. Our prefab products, including gypsum and suspended ceiling panels, save up to 90% of installation time — providing particular construction efficiencies when installed on an industrial scale or in buildings of repeat design. 

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Concrete Core Activation

Concrete core activation is a great way to bolster property value by integrating advanced and sustainable cooling capabilities into the structural floors of the building. Installation is conducted during the construction of the building envelope, streamlining later project stages. We also offer prefab setups to minimize installation times further and ensure error-free implementation. 

Benefits of Hydronic Radiant Cooling Systems

Hydronic radiant cooling systems provide energy-efficient comfort throughout the summer months. Discover how this sustainable alternative to air conditioning can reduce running costs while boosting property value.


Compared to air-conditioning units, hydronic systems require significantly less energy to bring down the temperature of a room – improving the sustainability of your setup and lowering monthly bills. 

Increased property value

As an advanced, efficient and low-cost cooling solution, hydronic systems increase the value of your building while future-proofing it against ever-tightening building efficiency legislation. 

Green Energy Compatibility

Radiant cooling is a low-energy alternative to air conditioning. It is, therefore, an ideal match for renewable energy sources — further amplifying the sustainability of this cooling method. 

Quiet Operation

Radiant cooling enables comfortably cool temperatures without disturbance since water circulating through a covered piped system is significantly quieter than forced-air conditioning.

Extensive Design Service

Our designers can save you time and resources with tailor-made product systems. Upon determining the most suitable solution for your space, we provide cooling-efficiency calculations, product specifications, pipe dimensions, and technical drawings to aid installation. 

Improved Air Quality

Air-conditioning units impact air quality by disturbing dust particles and exacerbating allergens. Alternatively, radiant cooling is achieved by running cold water behind surfaces, leaving indoor air pollutants undisturbed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Radiant cooling is a method for reducing room temperatures via cooled surfaces. Hydronic radiant cooling systems run cold water through pipes installed inside walls and ceilings to reduce their surface temperature. The cooled surfaces then draw sensible heat out of adjacent spaces through thermal radiation. 

Hydronic radiant cooling systems work by running cold water through pipes installed inside walls and ceilings. By harnessing thermal radiation, they can cool down spaces with less energy than air-conditioning appliances, while their comprehensive surface coverage ensures even temperatures throughout.

Our hydronic radiant cooling systems can be applied to a wide variety of settings and stages of development. Therefore, installation time varies according to your specific requirements. However, with our range of versatile prefab products, you can save up to 90% of installation time compared to standard setups and benefit from error-free implementation thanks to pre-assembly under strict factory conditions.

We offer a comprehensive design service to make sure your radiant cooling system is perfectly aligned with your property — saving time and resources in the process.

Pipelife designers provide detailed plans for the application of our radiant cooling systems, including cooling-efficiency calculations, energy-saving estimates, and complete product and accessory specifications.

Based on the information you provide, Pipelife engineers will develop a system layout proposal for how different radiant cooling systems can be best utilized in your space. Technical specifications and schematic diagrams will also be provided to aid installation and demonstrate a complete picture of your building’s new radiant cooling capabilities.

The main advantage of radiant cooling over air conditioning is superior energy efficiency. By using water as a heat transfer medium and harnessing thermal radiation, hydronic systems achieve comfortably cool temperatures with less energy than air-conditioning appliances.  

Their low energy requirements also facilitate connections with sustainable energy sources and systems, such as solar, geothermal, and heat pumps. This is particularly advantageous given the increasing demand for energy-efficient living and working spaces in line with the EU’s net zero carbon emissions strategy. 

Additionally, radiant cooling is better for indoor air quality than air conditioning. By forcing air throughout a space, air-conditioning units impact air quality by exacerbating allergens and dust particles. Hydronic systems, on the other hand, utilize thermal radiation to bring temperatures down, leaving indoor air pollutants undisturbed.

Yes, hydronic radiant cooling systems are well-suited to energy renovation projects. The Pipelife range includes a variety of prefabricated options that are perfect for fast, retrofit installations. Our gypsum wall and ceiling panels, for example, are easily fitted onto walls before being plastered over — providing hassle-free, effective comfort without the need for unsightly appliances. 

We recommend installing hydronic radiant cooling systems on walls and ceilings to ensure even coverage and effective comfort throughout your space.

Our versatile product range provides options for residential energy renovations and industrial-scale developments alike. Concrete core activation, gypsum panels, and suspended ceiling panels all offer specific advantages depending on your project requirements — and with prefab options for all setups, installation can be fast and error-free no matter the setting. 

Pipelife hydronic radiant cooling systems are manufactured from high-quality raw materials to last at least 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Pipelife hydronic radiant cooling systems are competitively priced in each local market. They are all-encompassing solutions fitted to the custom requirements of your building, and the price varies accordingly. Please get in touch with your local Pipelife partner for a detailed offer.

Our hydronic radiant cooling systems can be bought directly from your local Pipelife partner. We are present in over 20 European countries, all of whom will be happy to field any of your purchasing inquiries. For more details, see the list of our operating countries at the bottom of the page. 

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