Sustainable Solutions

Protecting our environment with ecological solutions

Our system solutions are designed to protect our natural resources and minimize our environmental impact.


Protection of resources

It is our responsibility to preserve and protect our natural resources, such as water and soil. With our comprehensive stormwater management and irrigation systems, we help preserve clean drinking water, facilitate rainwater reuse, replenish natural aquifers and protect land from erosion and drought. 


Recyclable product systems

Our plastic pipes are 100% recyclable, and some can even be recycled several times. Our cradle-to-cradle design ensures that pipes can be recycled into new quality assured products, minimizing waste as much as posssible as we continuously increase our ratio of recycled plastics in production.


Solutions for generations

Many of our plastic piping solutions last longer than a century and require little to no maintenance. They are easier, safer and quicker to install, and have the lowest leakage rates over 100+ years. This saves on energy, minimizes waste and emissions and protects our environment. 

New Energy

Towards a low carbon economy

Amid increasingly hot summers and cold winters, our eco heating and cooling solutions provide consistent comfort with lower energy consumption and emissions. For the energy sector we also provide long-lasting, economically viable infrastructure solutions, which foster the integration of renewables in our energy mix, speeding up our energy transition to a low carbon future. 

our sustainable systems and solutions

We are constantly working towards a better tomorrow. Our R&D teams develop market focused solutions for stormwater management, heating and cooling, energy transportation, agricultural irrigation, alongside many other applications to help preserve water, soil and energy.

Comprehensive stormwater management

Due to global climate change we experience excessive rain, long periods of drought, heat and flash flooding. The direct consequences of flash floods and the lack of water management solutions are erosion, water pollution and even higher taxes. With our innovative stormwater management systems, we are able to capture, retain, reuse or infiltrate precipitation effectively.

Stormwater Management

Precision Irrigation

Wherever plants grow, water is a necessary resource to enable their survival. We offer resources saving irrigation systems to protect the land and provide just the right amount of water needed for crops to thrive. View our broad product range from sprinkler irrigation systems for fields, gardens and parks, to drip irrigation lines for row crops, greenhouses, vegetables and berry orchards.


Eco Heating and cooling

Conventional heating and cooling systems such as forced air systems or electric radiators are one of the most taxing household appliances due to their high-energy consumption, and one of the least environmentally friendly due to their greater contribution to CO2 emissions.

Luckily there are eco-friendly alternative solutions available offering an extremely energy efficient and sustainable set-up for domestic, commercial and industrial appliances. Underfloor heating is efficient, comfortable and virtually maintenance-free.

Hydrogen transportation

Together with Groningen Seaports, Pipelife's subrand SoluForce has developed a Flexible Composite Pipe system for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first, this significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix and low carbon future. 

SoluForce hydrogen graphic


Up to 80% of the environmental impact of products is determined in the design phase, so it’s crucial for manufacturers to plan for a sustainable life cycle for all plastic products. Pipelife has set sustainable development goals at the corporate level, with some local teams going above and beyond the set targets. But we’re only one player in the enormous plastics industry – we need to come together to set clearly defined goals at the European level to have a greater impact.

Mark van Loon met 'waterstofpijp' Enkhuizen

Our self-imposed environmental goals

In addition to our active contribution to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, we have also set our own environmental goals.

Our "Sustainability Roadmap 2015-2020" represents a self-imposed commitment to continuously reduce water, energy and electricity usage, as well CO2 emissions, while increasing recycled plastics in our production. 

Targets for 2020 have been met, and once again achieved a year earlier than planned. View the award winning report from our mother company Wienerberger, which outlines the Group’s sustainability strategy and commitments.

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