News and Projects: Agriculture

A huge ear of corn harvested from the irrigated field last year | Pipelife

Achieving Six Times Higher Yields

Apr 26th, 2023 | 6 min read

Pipelife's field trial at a corn field in Dumbrava highlighted how precision irrigation helps increase yields even under extreme climate conditions.

A close up of a freshly dug trench in Klaas' farm | Pipelife

Climate-Resilient Agriculture

Apr 18th, 2023 | 6 min read

The pilot "Freshwater Farmers" in the Netherlands explores how field drainage systems could be adapted to protect crops from increasing salinization and droughts.

Multiples rolls of the premium drip tape at Pipelife's warehouse in Botevgrad | Pipelife

Premium Irrigation Solutions for the Balkan Region

Apr 14th, 2023 | 3 min read

In response to the growing demand for drip irrigation systems in the Balkan region, Pipelife Bulgaria has set up a new production line of premium drip tape.

Residential buildings surrounded by trees | Pipelife

Transforming Modern Cities in the Face of Climate Change

Aug 23rd, 2022 | 6 min read

Our irrigation specialist Konstantinos Akritanakis shares his expertise in adapting green spaces to the city conditions.

Aerial view of a corn field | Pipelife

Water Supply for Trouble-Free Growing Seasons

May 26th, 2022 | 4 min read

A leading agribusiness firm in Bulgaria opted for Pipelife’s PE 100 pipes to set up a water supply system that would be long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Drainage pipe installation on the Swedish west coast | Pipelife

Agricultural Drainage in Sweden

May 24th, 2022 | 4 min read

Swedish agribusiness entrepreneur Per Martinsson talks about the agricultural drainage sector in his country and why he works exclusively with Pipelife's solutions.

Large greenhouse with cucumber plants | Pipelife

The Future of Irrigation in Agriculture

May 18th, 2022 | 5 min read

Pipelife’s irrigation experts share their knowledge on the current state of water use in Europe’s agriculture and their vision about the sector’s future.

Drip irrigation: Sustainable water management in Azerbaijan

April 29, 2020 | 2 min read

With crop growth safety and yield optimization in mind, a large-scale food producer in Azerbaijan invested in precision irrigation solutions. Pipelife designed, produced, and delivered complete drip irrigation systems from source to plant within a month. 

Close-up of plastic polymer granules. polymer plastic. compound polymer.
plastic beads isolated on white background.

Our pledge to radically reduce plastic waste

Feb 6, 2020 | 1 min read

Most of the plastic found in the oceans originates from carelessly discarded bottles and packaging, but some are resin pellets from the manufacturing industry. As a plastics manufacturer it is our responsibility to make sure that this does not happen.

Comparing circular and linear economy product cycle. Energy from finite and renewable sources. Solar, wind, thermal, chemical power stations. Vector illustration, white background. Please recycle.

Pipelife sets own environmental goals

Sept 26, 2019 | 1.5 min read

As active TEPPFA member, Pipelife has signed the Plastics Alliance Declaration to help meet the "10 million tonnes target" by the European Commission by 2025

Pipelife App Icon

Tracking our environmental footprint

Jan 29, 2016 | 1.5 min read

Pipelife has issued an environmental EPD calculation tool, available as iOS app on the app store and as download from our webpage

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