Watering gardens and parks can be done in a sensible way. Instead of using precious drinking water, we can store rainwater in reservoirs for reuse.
Watering gardens and parks can be done in a sensible way. Instead of using precious drinking water, we can store rainwater in reservoirs for reuse.


June 14, 2021 | 3 min read

With rising temperatures and therefore increased evaporation, cities are confronted with a growing risk of urban desiccation. Unfortunately, blue and green infrastructure solutions that would compensate for this are often difficult or impossible to implement in dense city centers. For these cases, Pipelife offers modular underground stormwater solutions that fit also into very limited space. 

The importance of groundwater

Water bodies such as ponds, lakes and reservoirs are only a small part of the water that is actually around us. Underground aquifers and groundwater go unseen but are equally important for a balanced functioning water cycle and ecosystem.

Plants can endure dry periods much longer when there is sufficient groundwater available. If, however, due to surface sealing and the discharge of surface runoff into stormwater and combined systems, groundwater tables are usually too low in most urban areas. Plants need to be irrigated during dry periods which adversely increases the consumption of drinking water.

Groundwater also feeds rivers, and our drinking water very often comes from groundwater reservoirs. However, our water resources are limited. Overexploitation and insufficient replenishment due to more and more sealed surfaces will eventually lead to depletion. We are forced to tap deeper water sources, which increases water costs and has a negative impact on the water cycle. 

rainwater storage and reuse

One solution for overexploitation is efficient water storage and reuse. Historically, urban areas have been collecting and leading rain away into sewerage, stormwater or combined systems to protect sealed surfaces and buildings from damage. This is also why water tables are generally low around cities. Instead of leading stormwater away to a faraway water body or treatment plant, rain can be stored for local reuse. Rainwater storage and reuse is an ecological and economical solution for watering private property as well as public green spaces – and on larger scale in agriculture. With the right measures, the use of rainwater as greywater in households (e.g. WC flushing) is also beneficial saving on potable water resources and connected costs.

Once built, a Stormbox storage system can be used for years, it is failure-free, low in maintenance and requires no specialist knowledge to operate it.


If rainwater is not stored for reuse it can also be infiltrated into the ground. Underground water bodies are this way replenished and water tables are kept up maintaining or improving soil conditions.

Raineo Infiltration System for Technical Uni Graz

Pipelife Austria installed the Stormbox Soakaway System for the Graz University of Technology.

Raineo Infiltration System for Technical Uni Graz

Thanks to the modular design theses systems are ideal for restricted space in dense cities.

Made to measure rainwater solutions

From the collection of rain and surface runoff to its discharge or controlled infiltration Pipelife provides comprehensive solutions for rainwater management.

Thousands of designers and installers across Europe appreciate our systems as they are modular and can be tailored to match almost any project requirements and site conditions. They are on top of this designed for quick and easy installation, they are user friendly and easy to maintain. Our clients’ trust is based on the many years of experience we have and on the countless projects we have successfully accomplished together.  

More and more private customers are amongst our clients improving the water conditions and making use of the many solutions Pipelife’s rainwater management systems offer on their private properties.

Finding measures on a Global rather than local scale

We are glad that municipalities as well as private investors are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to protect our vital resource water. Water issues are a pressing topic in the era of climate change. We cannot prevent or solve water crisis on a local or national level alone. Water doesn’t know boarders. We must tackle water problems collectively as a world’s nation. If each and every one of us does their part in saving on drinking water, and making sure a natural water cycle is best possibly maintained, there will be enough water to share also for future generations.

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