Stormwater Management

Stormwater Soakaway Drainage

Stormwater Retention and INFILTRATION

Take water infiltration into your own hands with our reliable and durable soakaway drainage solutions. Providing efficient control over stormwater surface runoff, our soakaway crate systems ensure that excess water is safely retained and gradually discharged back into the soil, reducing the risk of flooding and allowing natural water cycles despite soil sealing. 

For ease of installation, our systems can be incorporated into site landscaping, on the side of roads and under driveways, and can help to relieve municipal sewer systems. Soakaway drainage solutions also contribute to replenishing aquifers, help to control sinking groundwater levels, and enhance the natural ability of the soil to drain water.

Stormwater soakaway drainage is part of our stormwater management system. Our soakaway solutions collect and convey rainwater through line drainage, gullies, manholes, pipes and manifolds towards an underground filter and stormwater cleaning system, and finally into our Stormbox soakaway crates. From there, collected water is stored and reintegrated into the soil at a controlled infiltration rate.




Where the soil cannot absorb all of the stormwater at once, especially in urban areas, stormwater infiltration systems are necessary to prevent flooding and keep roads, houses and other infrastructure safe. Stormbox Systems allow slow and controlled infiltration so that the soil type can cope with the process.  This helps replenish aquifers, control sinking ground water levels and enhance the natural ability of the soil to drain water. This is especially advantageous in arid regions with little rainfall.

Stormwater management turns flood into fiction

Pipelife realized early on that our changing climate would require a new approach to stormwater management. Our innovative attenuation and soakaway systems are designed to prevent both floods and pollution, combining drainage systems with treatment, storage or infiltration solutions. In this way, the system allows users to install a stormwater management system that is perfectly tailored to their needs and installation conditions.

Stormbox cover

Pipelife Stormbox

The Pipelife Stormbox is the heart of our stormwater management solutions. It is a light but stable plastic block, that can be used for retaining water. Many stormboxes can easily be stacked to create a big reservoir for water. Depending on the application, the stormboxes are wrapped in either foil for storing water or geotextiles for slowly infiltrating water into the soil. The stormboxes are installed very fast and can be easily connected to pipes, cleaning tanks, manholes or inspection chambers. This way a powerful yet simple stormwater management system can be built in very short time.

There are two types of stormboxes:

  • Stormbox I: The economic solution for smaller projects. Boxes are connected special with clips.
  • Stormbox II: The stronger and more elaborate solution for bigger projects can withstand higher weights and is connected with a push-fit system.
Stormwater Management

Being your best partner is one of our key principles at Pipelife

At Pipelife, we do not settle for meeting minimum standards, we push the limits and exceed them wherever we can. Developing our materials and products further is our passion. 

It is in our DNA to offer added value and it is one of our goals to offer the best service in the market. This is why our solutions not only meet industry standards, they also bear national and international quality marks.

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