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Renewable Energy

Renewables like solar and wind energy have become cost-effective alternatives to fossil fuels. However for us to achieve a low-carbon economy, we must solve fluctuation issues and maximize the integration of sustainable energy across all networks. 

At Pipelife, we are revolutionizing the way energy is transported and distributed. With affordable, efficient, and above all, safe and reliable transportation solutions, we can accelerate our shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Transitioning to a clean energy future

We are in the middle of a major energy transition. Sustainable energy is central to the success of the SDGs' Agenda 2030 to ensure affordable, reliable and universal access to energy services while increasing the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix and improving energy efficiency

Our safe and cost-efficient solutions for energy transportation and distribution help light, heat, and power our world with alternative energy.


SDG Target: reach 28% renewable energy by 2030

View on the rooftop solar power plant with two engineers walking and examining photovoltaic panels. Concept of alternative energy and its service
View on the rooftop solar power plant with two engineers walking and examining photovoltaic panels. Concept of alternative energy and its service

Increasing the share of renewables with Hydrogen

One of the biggest challenges with renewable energy is how to deal with fluctuation in production and demand. The answer could be hydrogen.

With the possibility to convert renewables into hydrogen, surplus energy can be stored and either turned back into electricity or mixed with natural gas. The result: increased share of renewables in electricity grids as well as in gas grids.

To make hydrogen viable, we need safer and more cost-effective transportation solutions. As a global first, we have developed non-metallic pipe systems certified for high pressure applications.  


SoluForce Hydrogen graphic

Using the earth's stored energy to heat your property

What started as an eco heating trend for single private properties, has since shifted to larger projects such as eco villages and apartment complexes, to industrial and commercial facilities. 

Since the energy stored underground provides a constant and reliable source, ground source (or geothermal) systems offer an excellent return on investment for owners, as it is one of the most cost-effective and efficient energy sources to heat (and cool) buildings and complexes of all sizes.

You have many geothermal solutions to choose from, which can be ideally combined with low-temperature hydronic heating and cooling systems


using waste heat for district heating and cooling

50% of Europe’s energy goes towards heating and cooling industrial and domestic buildings. With the ability to use also waste heat from industry and services, along with biomass, solar and geothermal energy, district heating and cooling could be an essential component of a cost-effective energy transition and greatly increase our share of renewables. The layout size possibilities are endless from small housing to city wide networks.

Ensure you have well insulated, reliable piping systems in place to maintain supplied temperatures, especially over longer distances. 

District heating pipes underground installation

Transporting energy overground, underground and underwater

In order to make renewable energy available to anyone anywhere, we need to ensure undisrupted power transportation especially for offshore, remote and difficult to access areas.

Regardless of installation conditions or locations, our protection systems provide peace of mind with reliable, safe and efficient solutions for overground, underground and underwater renewable energy applications. 

Brine intake PE Pipe for Port Said Desalination Plant in Egypt

Wondering how our systems provide ecological solutions?

Lower carbon footprint throughout life cycle

Compared to metal pipes, plastic pipes are a preferred alternative when considering the products’ energy consumption and carbon footprint, from manufacturing to installation and beyond. When thinking about environmental implications, consideration needs to go further than CO2 emissions from production. We need to include all phases of the lifecycle.

100-year service life

Plastic piping systems are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice, especially when considering their extremely long service life. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, excellent joint performance and tightness, many plastic pipes have an estimated service life of at least 100 years. 

100% Recyclable

Our plastic pipes are 100% recyclable, and some can even be recycled several times, re-entering the manufacturing process as quality assured recycled plastic. Every year, we increase the ratio of recycled plastics within our production lines, while ensuring the high product quality our clients are used to receiving from us.

News and Projects

At the Forefront of Hydrogen Infrastructure Development

Feb 15th, 2023 | 8 min read

Our renewable energy experts discuss the success of the Netherlands’ hydrogen strategy as well as the role of Pipelife's solutions in its implementation.

A wind farm in Groningen, the Netherlands | Pipelife

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