Stormwater Mangement

Stormwater Attenuation


In times of heavy rainfall public stormwater or combined sewage systems cannot take in all water at once, the pipe system's capacity is overcharged, resulting in runoff and potential floods.

With our Pipelife Stormbox System you benefit from a rainwater storage solution that is tailored to suit the soil and precipitation conditions of your individual project.  In this way, your installation effectively stores runoff avoiding flooding and ensuring public stormwater and combined sewage systems are not overcharged. 

Our Pipelife Stormbox is part of our Raineo® Stormwater Management System, which collects and conveys rainwater through line drainage, gullies, manholes, pipes and manifolds towards an underground filter and stormwater cleaning system and finally into our Stormboxes. From there, collected water is stored, can be re-used, or released at a controlled rate.

We will help you find and design the optimal attenuation system tailored exactly to your needs.

Pipelife Stormbox

Our Pipelife Stormbox is the heart of our Raineo Stormwater Management System. Comprising of light but sturdy plastic crates, they can either be used for storing (attenuation) or infiltrating water. As a modular system, the crates are easily stacked to build the required dimensions. Depending on the application, the Stormboxes are wrapped in either foil for water storage or geotextiles for slowly infiltrating water into the soil. 

There are two types of Stormboxes:

  • Stormbox I: The optimal solution for smaller projects. Boxes are connected with clips.
  • Stormbox II: The latest development for bigger projects with more capacity, which can withstand higher weights and which is connected with a push-fit system (no clips).


Stormbox II Zielona Gora Poland

Raineo® – Flood becomes fiction

Pipelife realized early on that our changing climate would require a new approach to stormwater management. Our innovative Raineo® attenuation and soakaway systems are designed to prevent both floods and pollution, combining drainage systems with treatment, storage or infiltration solutions. In this way, the system allows users to install a stormwater management system that is perfectly tailored to their needs and installation conditions.

Stormbox cover

Being your best partner is one of our key principles at Pipelife

At Pipelife, we do not settle for meeting minimum standards, we push the limits and exceed them wherever we can. Developing our materials and products further is our passion. 

It is in our DNA to offer added value and it is one of our goals to offer the best service in the market. This is why our solutions not only meet industry standards, they also bear national and international quality marks.

CERTIFIED stamp. Wooden round rubber stamper and stamp with text certified isolated on white background. 3d illustration

Pipelife Raineo

The Rainwater Management System

Pipelife Videos: A film is worth 1000 pictures

Watch our installation videos which we provide for many products and for jointing methods. Check out our Youtube Channel.

News and Projects

Attention Growing to Recycled Stormwater Management Solutions

May 3rd, 2022 | 4 min read

Pipelife Poland has recently launched a new, 100%-recycled stormwater retention crate generation Stormbox E, which is receiving increased attention from clients.

A close up of Stormbox E retention crates | Pipelife

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