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Underfloor Heating: An Economical Solution for Homeowners

21. October 2021 | 3 min read

Having a comfortable home is essential for our well-being. While we cannot control the weather outside, we can at least have control over our indoor climate. With that in mind, a homeowner in the surroundings of Sofia opted not only for safe water supply and wastewater discharge solutions but also for a healthier and more comfortable thermal climate with Pipelife Bulgaria’s radiant underfloor heating solution. 

improving our homes

A healthy and comfortable indoor climate is a necessity for our homes. They are places of safety and ease. For us to create a sense of warmth, comfort, and safety in our living spaces, a long-lasting heating solution is key.  

Conventional heating methods such as radiators, electrical heaters, and fans are becoming outdated due to inefficient heat distribution and high energy consumption at increasing costs. This has become a great concern for many homeowners who want to save on costs while ensuring comfortable and sustainable living. That is why the owner of a single-family house in Bulgaria opted for a hydronic underfloor heating solution, aiming to improve the indoor climate of his family’s living space. 

underfloor heating   | Pipelife
underfloor heating   | Pipelife

healthy and low-cost comfort 

 Most conventional heating systems work on the principle of air circulation. The unpleasant hot airflow from radiators and convectors also circulates dust and other particles that accumulate where heating units are hard to clean.  Surface heating, on the other hand, works with low temperatures and the only radiating body is the floor itself. It heats the room evenly without the creation of airflow and generates a pleasant sense of general comfort.  

For this client, the evenly distributed heat and warm floors are an especially important aspect. “Kids are mostly playing on the floor, so it is pretty important to have a warm and clean floor,” shares the investor.  

Another benefit the homeowner in this project appreciates is the economical aspect of underfloor heating systems. Surface heating works with water low temperatures – hardly higher than 45˚С. As for conventional heating systems, the average temperature varies between 50 to 80˚С. As a 1°C lower temperature means approximately 6% saving of the heating costs, surface heating contributes to cost-saving in the long run. Apart from this, the low supply temperature can be generated with a condensation boiler or a heat pump saving on even more energy and costs. 

Pipelife’s hydronic heating solution – Radopress - pays back the higher initial investment compared to conventional heating systems. Installation is easy and once properly installed; it requires minimal maintenance and ensures long service life.  

„We received a lot of advice from Pipelife regarding the heating as well as for the water supply and wastewater systems. Also, considering the location of my house, they offered tailored solutions and even recommended a good plumber,” shares the investor. 

underfloor heating   | Pipelife

Georgi Marinkev, one of Pipelife Bulgaria’s long-trusted plumbing partners is already familiar with our products so that the installation process was fast and efficient, without any errors or fallbacks. He has also taken part in Pipelife Bulgaria’s “Trusted Installer” program where loyal plumbers have the possibility to familiarize themselves with Pipelife products and receive advice on how to assemble and install them best and most efficiently. All in all, the installation of 1450 meters of Radopress heating pipes took around 7-8 days, covering an area of 180 m2 in total. 

“Of course, the installation process went fast and easy. Not only because the system is easy to work with, and the pipes are flexible and there is a wide assortment of fittings. But also, as a part of the Trusted Installer program, we received installation training for all the respective systems,” tells Marinkev. 

comprehensive support for long-lasting results

From planning to installation, the project has been a great success so far. That is also thanks to the great communication and cooperation between the homeowner and Pipelife Bulgaria’s In-house Product Manager Ivan Tsanov who also advised the investor on pre-assembled wastewater treatment and prefabricated metering solutions which allow the investor to reuse purified wastewater for watering and make use of advantage the treatment station gives to remote homes like his, when there’s no access to the sewer network.

Starting from the design phase where Pipelife Bulgaria provided the plan for the underfloor heating system to the later phases where the Inhouse Product Manager was frequently on-site for support, Pipelife took extra care in making sure the project runs smoothly. The investor trusted Pipelife’s Product Manager to make sure that no time is wasted, and everything is organized according to plan.  

A home is a place of comfort, retreat, and safety. Homeowners are not just looking for a solution but also for a comprehensive service that will offer the best advice and see the project through. Every private investor highly appreciates personal contact and face-to-face interaction that builds trust and confidence in the service and solutions. All of which is crucial to ensure the best result for each case. This project was no exception. Pipelife offers on- and off-site support throughout the project contributing to the successful collaboration between various parties. Now, the project is still at full speed and reaching its final phase. While the investor is looking forward to the “Grand Opening” of his cozy new house at the end of October 2021.

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