Advantages of Underfloor Heating: Pipelife’s Clients and Partners Share Their Insights

16. November 2022 | 5 min read

With the temperatures outside dropping, we spend more time indoors and rely more on heating systems to keep our living environments comfortable. Yet, with so many heating solutions on the market and energy prices on the rise, finding the best climate control technology for your home can be a struggle. Our customers and installers in Bulgaria reveal why they opted for Pipelife’s hydronic underfloor heating over alternatives.

A room with hydronic underfloor system installed | Pipelife

Healthy Living Environment Without Visual Obstructions

While it is widely known that hydronic underfloor heating is among the most energy-efficient heating technologies, many customers opt for it primarily because of the improvements in air quality and comfort levels compared to forced-air systems. Less air movement means less dust and allergens transported around, which is beneficial for young children as well as people suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses.

“With Pipelife underfloor heating, we enjoy fresher and cleaner air, and our children are happier than ever,” shares Viktoria Hristova, a homeowner in Botevgrad.

Radiant underfloor heating was installed at Victoria’s new-built house last summer, covering a 55 m2 area. After the first winter, the family is more than excited about their choice — the heated floors provide comfortable temperatures without any cold spots and create a more hygienic environment for the children.

Furthermore, installing the heating pipes in the floor means the entire system is silent and invisible. Many homeowners, like Viktoria, appreciate the design freedom that opens up with no radiators hanging on the walls.

“With two small children, it was very important to us that the floors were warm and that we could enjoy even temperatures throughout the home. The absence of any heating devices in the rooms also allowed us to optimally use the living area of ​​the house — without bulky radiators,” says Viktoria.

Water supply and underfloor heating pipes connected to a manifold | Pipelife
A small room with hydronic underfloor heating pipes installed along two water supply pipes | Pipelife

Combining Underfloor Heating With Other Systems

Underfloor heating systems can be used with various energy sources offering a wide range of options for homeowners. And while underfloor heating is self-sufficient, it can also be paired with other heating technologies if the customer prefers so.

A homeowner residing on the outskirts of Sofia opted for a combined solution, using both floor and radiator heating, together with a two-stage heat pump.

Ivan Tsanov, Product Manager and the supervisor of the project, comments: “When operating at low capacity, the two-stage heat pump supplies the underfloor heating at the house. When switched to higher capacity, the pump provides energy for hot water and radiators. If needed, the radiator system can be used for quick initial heating of the rooms, but mainly the house relies on surface heating.”

The underfloor heating system was installed in a 130 m2 area, and the pipes were laid on a special thermal insulation layer with aluminum foil. Thanks to this layer, the heat rays are reflected upward, further reducing heat loss by around 7% compared to standard insulation materials.

Hot and cold water supply pipes together with hydronic underfloor heating pipes at a construction site in Bulgaria | Pipelife


The Rising Era of Eco-Heating Solutions

In the households of the EU, hot water and heating are currently responsible for more than two-thirds of the total energy use. Both climate considerations and rising energy prices have propelled the interest in more economical heating solutions, and Bulgaria is among many of Europe’s countries where underfloor heating is becoming a standard solution.

Underfloor heating systems not only allow cutting bills, especially when combined with a heat pump, but also remain virtually maintenance-free throughout their service life. Safe, hygienic and discreet operation are other widely quoted advantages that have made underfloor heating increasingly common in Europe’s households, and the sector is expected to grow further in the next years.

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