Future-proofing Austrian Drinking Water Supplies With GRP Tanks

09. June 2023 | 3 min read

Drinking water is our most precious commodity. To guarantee the residents of Maria Laach am Jauerling in Austria with a reliable water supply in the future, five aging elevated concrete tanks in the municipal area were replaced by new glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) tanks from the Pipelife product range.

Comprehensive Renovation of the Drinking Water Supply

Reliable and high-quality tap water is often taken for granted in Austria. However, climate change, accompanied by extreme weather events and prolonged periods of drought, should not be underestimated and will continue to present us with a variety of challenges in the future — particularly with regard to water supply.

Robust drinking water tanks and reservoirs are required to prepare remote communities for possible water shortages. The market town of Maria Laach had been using elevated water tanks to compensate for peaks in demand and avoid disruptions to available drinking water. However, to improve and future-proof the town’s water supply, the municipality replaced its existing concrete structures with modern, durable GRP tanks from the Pipelife product range.

The storage tanks, manufactured by Pipelife Austria’s supplier Aqua System, make it possible to secure water supplies even during dry periods and water shortages. With source shafts, variable-capacity PE drinking water reservoirs and customizable GRP tanks, the range provides an optimal basis for preventing water shortages in a changing climate. Water storage products from the Pipelife range include HDPE GRP tanks as well as GRP-coated stainless-steel tanks.


Five New Elevated Tanks — A Major Water Security Project 

Excavating and replacing a single drinking water tank is a complex task. However, in Maria Laach, a total of five elevated tanks had to be replaced. The task became a major project in which all parties had to pull together, including the municipality, the planning office, the construction and transportation companies, as well as the Pipelife Sales Representative, Thomas Fuchs.

The new GRP tanks are considerably more durable than the old concrete tanks, particularly with regard to conserving resources and securing supply. The GRP tanks are equipped with stainless steel piping, gate valves, air filter systems and interior lighting. Pipelife supplier, Aqua System, delivered the tanks directly to each construction site along with approximately 1 km of PE-100 RC robust drinking water pipes in both DN 160 and DN 90.

The municipality commissioned local construction companies to excavate and replace the drinking water tanks. The work began in October 2022 and was completed in March 2023. Maria Laach’s water supply is now well-equipped for potential water shortages that may occur in the future.


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