Spring Water Tapping

Ensure safe and clean drinking water with our robust and corrosion-free PE or GRP spring collection shafts. You have a wide choice of standard ready-to-use spring water tanks or customizable options, in order to save you time and money.

Durable, light and easy to install 

Despite their large volume capacity, our spring water tanks are surprisingly light, making transportation extremely easy and enabling a quick and trouble-free installation, even in difficult-to-access areas. The smooth inner layer facilitates a high flow rate and protects your tanks from deposits building up, resulting in minimal maintenance required and providing a long service life. 

 As can be expected, our spring water shafts adhere to national as well as international safety and quality standards, ensuring all collected water is as pure as from its source. 

Benefits you can expect: 

  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Suitable for potable drinking water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Materials do not impact water taste
  • Service life of at least 100 years or more

Offering peace of mind with safe and clean storage functions

Our spring collection shafts are specially designed for desanding and ventilating collected spring water, and can be used as interrupter shafts and inspection shafts for source observation or as reservoir tanks when there is little drinking water demand or when there is sufficient spring discharge.

Thanks to their lightweight material, our tanks can be quickly and easily installed. 

Verlegter Trinkwasserspeicher nach Maß

Being your best partner is one of our key principles at Pipelife

At Pipelife, we do not settle for meeting minimum standards, we push the limits and exceed them wherever we can. Developing our materials and products further is our passion. 

It is in our DNA to offer added value and it is one of our goals to offer the best service in the market. This is why our solutions not only meet industry standards, they also bear national and international quality marks.

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