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Multilayer Composite Pipe Systems

Using durable systems for water supply 

Multilayer composite pipe systems such as Pipelife Radopress combine the beneficial material properties of polyethylene with those of aluminium, to guarantee the highest possible safety and hygiene for your hot and cold water supply systems. 

resilience and safety 

The main advantage of Pipelife Multilayer Composite Pipes is the embedded aluminium layer that acts as an oxygen barrier. This helps to make the pipe incredibly resilient against temperature changes, pressure stroke loading, torsion and tension.

When the pipe is used for hot water systems, the aluminum barrier protects the boiler/water heater from corrosion by keeping oxidants out of the water, further prolonging the system's lifespan.

corrosion, deposit and damage resistant

Multilayer Radopress pipes not only contain high abrasion and tear resistance properties, they are also hygienically tested for potable water. As they are not susceptible to corrosion, deposit or damage from chemicals, multilayer Radopress pipes are ideal for the distribution of hygienic drinking water. To further guarantee product quality and hygiene, all Radopress pipes are thoroughly washed out after manufacturing.


Ensuring impeccable installations

Fittings for Multilayer Radopress pipes are made of either brass or PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), providing the necessary function to fit the requirements of your installations. Brass fittings are resistant to dezincification and corrosion, limiting deterioration and incrustation. To ensure impeccable installation, you can quickly identify any accidently unpressed connections already at low test-pressures - all our systems are clearly marked. 

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Providing one-stop-shop solutions

No matter whether you need to install Radopress systems on-wall, in-wall or mounted on the floor or ceiling, you benefit from a one-stop shop solution. Rest assured to find multilayer pipes including integrated brass and PPSU fittings and all necessary accessories, with on hand professional advice throughout your building project.  

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