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Eco Systems

Water consumption is increasing on a worldwide base. The quantity of fresh water available for consumption is limited and this resource must therfore be treated with great care. As a result, the demand for environmentally friendly products and solutions has increased in recent decades and thereby created new business opportunities in numerous sectors.

Pipelife has responded to this growing demand with the development of an environmental-oriented program that is designed to reduce water pollution. This range includes high-quality oil and grease separators, waste water treatment plants, PRO station and stormboxes.

Our Products:

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Collecting storm water and drain it into the ground is essential especially in areas with intensive rain. Pipelife has designed a unique storm water detention and retention solution


Pipelife's oil separators are designed to purify water of oil and sludge, releasing only treated water back into the environment. Oil separators are available in different separation capacities, which guarantees a compatible cleaning system for most situations.


Pipelife's grease separators treat water contaminated with fat or grease of organic origin. Due to their long-lasting performance and high efficiency, the Pipelife Grease Separators are an indispensable, sustainable system of every restaurant, café and more.


Do you need a small separator, which can be placed under the sink? Pipelife has the right solution for you and presents the NS 0.5 separator for you.


Wastewater treatment plant the SBR System is a small sewage treatment plant that effectively cleans wastewater from households or business facilities. The Eco Pipelife solution brings all the benefits of SBR water treatment to small and medium size users.


Pump stations are facilities for pumping fluids such as water from one place to another. In domestic systems they are used in a variety of networks such as potable water, storm water, wastewater and, in agriculture, for irrigation systems.


The septic tank presents a basic and cost-effective solution for waste-water treatment, where no connection to main sewerage pipes is available. Pipelife Septic Tanks are made of durable materials and are available in 2, 3 or 4 chamber design.