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Robust Pipe

Robust Pipe is a new PE pipe generation, which is designed to provide significant benefits in terms of cost savings, additional security and speed of installation. It is a multilayer pipe with an internal wall made of standard PE, which meets European and local specifications. The outside wall is made of foamed PE, and serves as a protective cushion for the internal pipe. It protects the internal pipe from abrasion, scoring and damage during manufacture, transport and installation, and also during use.

Robust Pipe was designed with particular attention to resistance against rock impingement. The external layer of foamed PE spreads the stress of rock impingement over a larger area and helps to protect the internal pipe from damage.

Robust Pipe can be used for all low-pressure applications, such as drinking water, gas distribution and effluent water. The external color can be changed to meet local requirements.

In urban areas where installation costs and traffic disruption are high, Robust Pipe provides special advantages. Robust Pipe can be used with the most modern trenchless installation methods. It can be supplied in coils, or as bars to be butt fused into strings. Robust Pipe gives users the security of knowing that the robust outer layer will absorb most, if not all, of the abrasive forces.

For further information please download our catalog (PDF).