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Prize-Winning Sports Hall in Czech Republic Benefits from Underfloor Heating

27. October 2021 | 3 min read

Pipelife Czechia was chosen for an impressive project, supplying the underfloor heating solution for a grand sports hall in Dolní Břežany, a municipality near Prague. The sports hall was later marked as the winner of the Czech Grand Prix architect prize. The state-of-the-art hall needed an efficient underfloor heating solution under flexible decking that would provide superior thermal comfort for  the athletes as well as for the visitors and could be fast and easily installed to meet the project deadlines. 

Thermal Comfort for a State-of-the-Art Building 

Dolní Břežany, a municipality in the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic, is home to 4,400 people and also proudly hosts the Building of the Year 2018.  The winning sports hall was created four years ago providing modern and dynamic space for physical education for the Břežany School, while also hosting local sports clubs, the general public, and different cultural and social events. For a large hall with an area of 45 x 25 meters floor space and 8 to 9 meters height, there was definitely need for an efficient heating system that would provide optimal comfort for spectators as well as players while keeping running costs in check.  Since the hall was also planned to provide architectural value with minimalistic interior as well as exterior design, a neatly concealed underfloor heating system proved to be the perfect solution. 

underfloor heating   | Pipelife
underfloor heating   | Pipelife

Loyal Partnerships for Better Results  

The project was carried out by the municipality Dolní Břežany , the architects Aleš Kubalík, Josef Kocián, Jakub Našinec, Veronika Sávová and the contractor PKS stavby a.s. 

Although another heating systems producer had been initially specified for the job, installation company OPTIMAL Engineering s.r.o. selected Pipelife Czechia for the underfloor heating system for Dolní Břežany sports hall.  Thanks to previous successfully accomplished projects the company was particularly confident in Pipelife’s service and piping solutions. The loyal installer especially appreciated Pipelife’s comprehensive service and support as well as the quality of the products. 

Since the specifications were done before Pipelife Czechia was involved in the project, it was necessary to redesign them to match Pipelife’s underfloor heating system. Ensuring a smooth implementation and to save as much time as possible,  Pipelife Czechia provided detailed project drawings and, together with the installer, changed the specifications. The pleasant collaboration between Pipelife and OPTIMAL Engineering s.r.o. resulted in a successful and timely completion of the planning stage. 

underfloor heating   | Pipelife

Saving on Time, Energy and Costs

Over the course of approximately one month, the installer successfully installed Pipelife’s Radopress heating pipes along with a ground source heat pump system reaching 112 meters underground. The energy-efficient system works with low water temperatures hardly higher than 45° С. Whereas a conventional heating method would need temperatures around 50 to 80 °C. Together with the ground source heat pump system, the surface heating solution benefits from lower energy consumption and associated costs. Considering the large space that needs to be heated, the economical aspect was of great importance.

Apart from the ecological and economic aspect of the underfloor heating system, the investor highly appreciated the high-quality installation in the requested time by the installer. With Pipelife’s heating system, the installer felt confident in finishing his job on time.

Always Part of Your Indoor Climate

In the meantime, the impressive sports hall is already actively used by the students of the Dolní Břežany school as well as the general public for various local sport, cultural and social events. Remaining invisible to the eye, the underfloor heating system will always play its part in providing the best thermal comfort and indoor climate. Whether during a practice, a game, or a school event, the thermal climate and air quality will ensure the best comfort for players and spectators. Pipelife Czechia is proud to have done their part in the success of this impressive, aesthetically pleasing, and highly useful building.

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