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Water Supply Systems for Irrigation

The right water supply piping system ensures trouble-free growing seasons for your crops and long service life for your irrigation setup. 

As an experienced manufacturer of piping systems, we offer the highest-quality water supply products and systems that require minimal maintenance. With our solutions, you can forget about ruptures, leakages and consequent pipe replacement.

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HDPE 100 pipes

HDPE 100 pipes

Also called PE pipes, these are the safest and most durable pipes for underground water supply mains, sub mains and section lines. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these pipes are available in a wide range of diameters and are produced and tested to stringent drinking water standards

Flexible yet sturdy, and with high impact strength and chemical resistance, PE pipes offer optimal hydraulics and maintenance-free service life of 100 years.

PVC Pipe System

PVC pipe systems

PVC pipe systems are widely used to connect pumps, filters, fertigation and other irrigation equipment. PVC pipes are also an optimal choice for micro sprinkler irrigation systems in greenhouses. 

Our PVC water supply pipes are light, highly resistant to chemicals, elevated temperatures and UV exposure. A wide range of diameters and fittings is available to implement even the most complex agricultural water supply systems. 

PVC Lay flat hose

PVC lay flat hose

Insensitive to UV exposure, lay flat hoses are used for water supply lines above ground, especially for section lines feeding drip irrigation laterals and mobile sprinkler systems.

Light in weight, flexible, sturdy and easy to connect, lay flat hoses offer quick installation and take up little space when re-coiled for winter. We recommend flat hoses made of PVC for maximal durability and trouble-free irrigation seasons. 

Your benefits with a PIPELIFE water supply system

One-stop shop

No more searching for compatible parts or components. Benefit from complete irrigation and water supply solution, together with full technical support. 

Fully Tailored Solution

Taking into account plot conditions, sizes, applied irrigation methods and individual preferences, you will receive the best water supply solution for your needs. 

Effortless installation

With one of our trusted local installation partners and a Pipelife supervisor on-site, you can be sure your water supply system will be built exactly according to the planned design.

High Leakage Resistance

Bid farewell to ruptures and leakages! Our pipes and fittings are made, using the highest-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art production technology.

Maintenance-Free Service

Free up time and forget about repairs! Depending on the type of pipes used, you can count on reliable service life of up to 100 years. 

100% recyclable materials

At the end of their lengthy service life, our pipes can be collected, recycled and reworked into other PVC or PE products, offering a fully circular solution.

How to choose the best water supply system

Setting up an efficient agricultural water supply system requires considering quite a few criteria. A water main, for instance, requires different properties and characteristics than the connections between your irrigation equipment. The setup of your plot, the size of your project, the applied irrigation methods, and your preferences all play a defining role. Our irrigation specialists can help you arrive at the best water supply solution for your farming needs and conditions.

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Greenhouse plants

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