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Water filters for agricultural irrigation systems


Reliable Agricultural Irrigation filter systems

A suitable filtration system is crucial for clog-free cultivation seasons. Particularly precision irrigation equipment using drippers or micro emitters is susceptible to sand particles in the water supply.

High concentrations of iron and manganese can also clog the system and require adequate filtering without removing plant nutrients. Once clogged, drip irrigation laterals may have to be entirely replaced to avoid greater damage and crop failure.

Screen Disk Filters

Screen and disc filters

Simple screen or disc filters are used in smaller projects with low flow capacity and where basic filtration is sufficient. Disc filters are often preferred as screens are sensitive to sand and will take damage over time.

Irrigation Sandfilter

Sand filters

Diffuser or mushroom sand filters are usually used on water sourced from open water bodies such as lakes, ponds or water channels. Apart from sand particles, they also efficiently remove algae and microorganisms that multiply in wet and warm conditions and can clog the irrigation system.

Filtration Hydrocyclon Sand Seperator

Hydrocyclone sand separators

Hydrocylcone sand separation devices are frequently used on water containing larger sand particles that would damage the filter system. This typically is the case when the irrigation water is sourced from a well.

Self Cleaning Filtration Systems

Self-cleaning filtration systems

All filters need to be regularly checked and cleaned. Multiple cartridge disc filtration systems save you time as they self-clean without interrupting the irrigation process. If needed, multiple cartridge disc filtration can be used with a hydrocyclone or sand filter. 

Water Filter Systems Tailored to Your Irrigation Needs

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to irrigation. Considering your irrigation method, the system’s size, water flow capacity, and water properties, we will choose the filtering, screen, disc, or separation equipment you need to keep maintenance to a minimum and system service life and plant health to a maximum.

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