Protecting Properties and Buildings 24/7: How Smart Water Pumping Stations Transform Wastewater Asset Management

26. October 2022 | 3 min read

Water damage is one of the worst disasters that property owners can be confronted with, especially if the medium is wastewater. The good news is expensive and time-consuming cleanups and repairs on buildings and properties can be easily avoided. Pipelife Smart Pumping Solutions allow remote monitoring and control of pumping stations, which are usually difficult to access. With web-based real-time monitoring and an automatic alert system in place, facility managers and proprietors can count on a tireless guard reporting issues as soon as they occur.

Facility manager holding a tablet with a report from Smart Pumping Stations on the screen | Pipelife

The Value of Smart Water Pumping Stations

An example from one of Finland's busiest infrastructure properties illustrates the advantages Pipelife Smart Pumping Stations offer — the property would have suffered serious damage when a visitor used a sanitary facility to dispose of his towel.

Instead, the Smart Pumping Station Monitoring System registered the issue as the speed of the water pump suddenly dropped. The facility manager was instantly alerted on his mobile. A serviceman right away called to the scene, identified and removed the towel which had wrapped itself around the water pump.

"Without the alarm provided by the system, the limited pumping capacity would have caused significant water damage to the property and thus extensive repair costs. We are more than thankful that we had decided to install the system," recalls the property owner.

Water and Wastewater Asset Management Goes Digital

Smart Pumping Solutions operate digitally and are designed for the remote monitoring of storm- and wastewater pumping stations. Integrated sensors measure water level, current and accumulated runoff, water pumping frequency, as well as any deviations that may occur. The situation in the pumping station is monitored in real-time 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In the case of deviations from reference values and notifications, alerts are sent directly to specified recipients. Therefore, property owners and operators can remotely keep track of the condition of the pumps and arrange corrective measures in good time.

Even more, the pumping systems' service history and operation data are stored in log files, enabling long-term analyses for not only preventive but also predictive measures. Relying on this data, facility managers can optimize routine inspections and maintenance works on pumping stations to a necessary minimum.

"Making our products smart and selling Software as a Service (SAAS) allows us to accompany our customers step by step during the entire lifecycle of our system solution. In doing so, we do not only provide our customers added value. Data acquisition helps us better understand and even anticipate ever-changing requirements for a sustainable design of smart water solutions," says Harald Schwarzmayr, COO Wienerberger AG, Region West.

Three models of Smart Pumping Stations on a white background | Pipelife

Modular Smart Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

The data acquisition and software services are modified and tailored to fully meet each client's specific needs. As a result, managing and keeping track of multiple water or sewage pumping stations for property owners becomes easier, safer, and more efficient.

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