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You cannot control the weather during a practice or a match. However, with our hydronic heating systems, you can take control of your football field surface conditions. Whether it’s natural grass or artificial turf, our one-stop-shop solution helps to regulate your outdoor surface conditions. Even if temperatures drop below zero degrees, your sports field will be ready for a game. Afterall, we believe that the focus should be on the game, not on problematic weather conditions.


When sports games are on the line, there should be no holdups. Prepare now with a complete and customized hydronic heating system. Get the job done quickly, efficiently and with little downtime and benefit from using the sports field all year long for years to come.

Hydronic undersoil heating systems can be applied in new constructions or retrofitted and are compatible with natural and artificial lawns. FIFA’s technical recommendations and requirements advise to use undersoil heating in cold regions. 

7 Reasons for investing in hydronic undersoil heating

You can avoid unnecessary game cancellations or postponed trainings due to weather conditions or frozen grounds. Meaning you benefit from a good rate of return by having maximum occupancy and usage throughout all seasons.

You can easily maintain the superior quality of your turf by keeping ground temperature at an optimal level during all seasons, whilst preventing stagnant water or moisture. Thus, the lawn recovers faster after each game and allows for natural grass to grow all year round. This prolongs playing seasons during colder months.

Regardless of field size or temperature, you have the ability to melt snow and ice with moderate heat. As a result, you can achieve optimal heating efficiency with comparably little energy, thus keeping your running costs down.

By keeping your sports field as dry as possible you can limit risks of slipping and falling, resulting in fewer injuries for athletes. The heating system also prevents water stagnation or condensation on the pitch. Thus, it limits the gathering of snow and ice also on parts that are shaded during the day.

Reduce running costs and environmental implications by combining your hydronic undersoil heating system with sustainable energy sources such as solar collection systems, geothermal heat pumps and condensing boilers.

Our hydronic undersoil heating systems are custom designed to precisely match the measurements and unique conditions of your sports field. They are also compatible with natural and artificial lawns. So whatever field type you have, you benefit from a well-maintained turf which will last you many seasons.

As an owner of a football field you can have your pitch FIFA quality certified. FIFA recommends an underground heating system for turf maintenance in cold regions to prevent sports fields from freezing in winter temperatures.

Expect a Good return on investment

Regardless of the size you can heat your entire sports field with relatively low operating temperatures.

This ensures optimal conditioning for your turf by keeping it ice and snow free, enabling you to maximize its use all year round.

You also have added peace of mind with a long service life .

Undersoil heating soccer field


Installing a hydronic undersoil heating system for your football, soccer or any other sports field can be easy. And not to forget, more sustainable thanks to our one stop shop system solutions.

Communities around the world rely on our service, quality and solutions. Wherever you are based, our expert teams are available to provide professional guidance throughout your projects, from inception and design, to installation and after care support. This results in a better and time-effective cooperation.

Explore how you can have maximum occupancy and usage for your sports field all year round with efficient and economical heating solutions.

Undersoil heating pipes being installed at Terme Vivat Complex in Slovenia.
Undersoil heating pipes being installed at Terme Vivat Complex in Slovenia.
FIFA standard football fields with natural grass at Terme Vivat Complex, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia
FIFA standard football fields with natural grass at Terme Vivat Complex, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

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