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Longest Pipes Ever Sailed Through Bosporus, Turkey

Last week the longest pipes ever sailed through the Bosporus in Turkey. These, each 400m long, PE pipes of 2.000mm diameter and wall thickness of 66mm are produced in Stathelle, a production site of the Pipelife Group in Norway. The total length of the pipes is 4.307m with a massive weight of 1.640tons and they were produced for a marine outfall installation in Odessa, Ukraine.

Having set off from Norway on March 25, the pipes sailed through the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and entered into Mediterranean Sea after passing Gibraltar Straight. After sailing through the Dardanelles on 06.05.2011 the pipes passed through the Bosphorous. The tugboat used for transportation of the pipes has a speed of 4-6 knots and the total distance until Odessa is about 4,223 nautical miles.

Pipelife is the only company in the world with the capability to deliver long lenght large diameter HDPE pipes up to 2.000 mm diameter (soon up to 2.500mm!). The long length pipe concept is especially suitable fro marine applications, which are based on towing the pipes from the Pipelife plant in Stathelle / Norway, directly to the (marine) installation site. By sealing off the pipes in both ends with PE end plugs or flange connections, the closed pipe sections can be towed by tugboat to the required destination.

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images by "Foto-10 Istanbul"
images by "Foto-10 Istanbul"