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Pipelife Norway - The Morocco Story

Currently the ongoing delivery of long length large diameter HDPE pipes for Jorf Lasfar Slurry project in Morocco represents the largest single project that the Pipelife Group ever carried out.

The Client in this project is OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), a global leader in phosphates extraction and transformation. OCP uses a process for phosphate production at the Jorf Lasfar phosphate plant that results in a large quantity of waste gypsum which needs to be disposed. The phosphate plant is scheduled to be greatly expanded over the next few years, which will generate an increase in quantity of gypsum slurry and will necessitate the construction of further offshore discharges for disposal. The new plant will also generate more waste warm seawater which will also need to be returned to the sea. After being cleaned from chemicals and other substances, the waste water will be conveyed from the plants to the shore by a new network of pipes, and from shore disposed to the sea through the system of newly constructed long sea outfalls.

At the very beginning of planning activities for this important project, the client and his designer faced the challenge that was related to the selection of the best pipe material for this application. The numerous advantages of solid wall HDPE pipes have prevailed and have placed this pipe material as the best solution for this project. Different pipe materials were compared, but selecting solid wall HDPE pipes was the expected decision, especially as chemical and abrasion resistance were the most important pipe qualities that were analyzed. Having in mind a combination of these two properties, the designer of the project has concluded that solid wall HDPE pipes are superior to all other pipe materials which numerous independent expert opinions are confirming.

In addition, Pipelife was able to offer a unique concept of long length pipes with a dramatically reduced number of joints/welds, which is always important for any type of project, but especially for slurry projects where undisturbed flow (by lesser number of joints/welds) provides significantly lower number of potentially critical points and longer lifetime of the pipeline. Additionally, having fewer joints also reduces installation time and therefore also costs.

The tender procedure for this important project was organized by the client in the second half of 2011, separately for on-land and off-shore part, and Pipelife was happy to be able to agree deliveries (by the end of previous and beginning of this year) with winning bidders for both of these tenders:

On-land part consisting of following pipe dimensions and lengths:
  • 5.831 m of OD2100mm pipes
  • 8.851 m of OD2000mm pipes
  • 638 m of OD1800mm pipes
  • 2.103 m of OD1600mm pipes and
  • 90 m of OD1200mm pipes.

Off-shore part / sea outfall consisting of following pipe dimensions and lengths:
  • 5.610 m of OD1800mm pipes
  • 3 x 375 m long tapered (OD1800/OD710) diffuser sections.
The first combined delivery for both on-land and off-shore part of the project (13 pipe sections) was already executed in June as it can be seen from pictures presented. Remaining tows are to follow in the months to come.

But Pipelife does not only supply the products, but in addition, Pipelife’s Norwegian subsidiary, Pipelife Norge AS, provides welding services that are carried out by our specialists with unique equipment that will be transported to the construction site in Morocco. Manhole and diffuser raiser installation services for both winning contractors (SGTM MAROC and Archirodon Group NV) will be performed by Pipelife specialists as well.