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Long Length Large Diameter HDPE Pipes

Large diameter pipes delivered in long lengths from Pipelife Stathelle

Pipelife has more than 25 years of experience in the production and marine delivery of long length large diameter HDPE pipe systems. The long length pipe concept is especially suitable for marine solutions serving power plants, desalination, water and wastewater management, as well as transmission line protection (e.g. offshore windfarms). Kilometers of pipe can be economically delivered by tug boat from the Pipelife plant in Stathelle, Norway, directly to the (marine) installation site where they are ballasted, sunk and installed. 

Advantages of long length HDPE pipes:

  • no or only very little welding work
  • low transportation costs
  • substantial time and cost savings for the contractor, as normally no land based work site and storage area is required
  • less risk for damages during handling, transport and storage 

Benefits of more than 25 years of experience:

  • solid marine application and pipe calculation know-how
  • deep market knowledge
  • close co-operation with most important marine pipe consultants 
  • marine pipe specialists for every main market 

Our large diameter pipe systems are - like all our other products - produced to national and international standards and norms.

For further information please contact us, download our catalogs and presentations or visit our local product page.

World record for the longest HDPE pipe tow

Water and energy

More information:

Case Studies

New World Record with a 3.3 km HDPE Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a world record after towing over 3.3 kilometers of pipe from Stathelle, Norway, to Malaysia. The long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipe delivery to a major power project was towed for unrivalled 27,720 kilometers.

Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Three 350-meter-long, solid wall, so-called LLLD (long length large diameter) Pipes travelled all the way from Norway over the Atlantic Ocean to Punta Catalina power station in the Dominican Republic, where they serve as cooling water lines.
Economic transportation by sea
Economic transportation by sea
Long length PE Pipes from small to large diameters
Long length PE Pipes from small to large diameters