Cable Protection

Cable protection manholes and chambers

Lightweight and easier to install

Pipelife manholes and chambers offer a safe and durable alternative to traditional materials. Long-lasting, lightweight, flexible and easier to install, they are compatible with our variety of cable protection pipe systems for connecting, organizing and storing underground cables.

Standard and customized options

Choose from our broad range of standard manholes and chambers or customized options to fit any requirements of your installation project. Our modular designs are flexible in size and height, and consist of several stacked elements that can be separated without additional tools. Our cable systems are also equipped with adjustable pipe connections, further facilitating ease of installation.

Did you know?

You can complete your system with our Composite Covers & Grates to ensure a quality installation and a much longer product lifespan compared to traditional lids.


Advantages of plastics

Plastic manholes have proven to be better options for a variety of reasons:

  • They are incredibly lightweight which enormously lowers transportation costs and installation time. Easily installed by hand, money- and time-consuming lifting tools become obsolete.
  • Adaptable in size and height, with modular options that can be easily stacked.
  • Corrosion, stress and impact-resistant, thus increasing lifespan and decreasing maintenance. 
  • Resistant to lower temperatures, thus avoiding cracks during demanding freezethaw cycles.
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News and Projects

Ensure better safety with our Composite Covers and Grates

We have added Composite Covers and Grates to complete your PRO Inspection Chambers and Manholes. Click to find out what other unmatchable benefits they offer, besides being theft proof, robust and easy to handle. 

Oct 16, 2019 | 1.5 min read

Pipelife composite GRP Cover round

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