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Gas-Stop™ - leak safety system

Gas operators have been trusting Gas-Stop™ since 1992, which has prevented more than 30,000 gas leaks in more than 40 countries around the globe. Used by international gas operators, this excess flow valve is a fixed part of modern gas supply networks, with more than 7 million Pipelife Gas-StopsTM installed. 

A damaged gas line represents a serious health and safety hazard. In cases of damage, Pipelife Gas-Stop™ shuts off gas pipes immediately, thus eliminating any health and safety risks, avoiding damage to public and private property, and keeping network pressure consistent. 


Essential benefits of Pipelife Gas-Stop™:

  • Improved safety through the prevention of gas leaks.
  • In case of gas leak, immediate protection until arrival of the service team.
  • The elimination of gas leaks often requires spectacular operations in public. Damage to service lines that are secured with Pipelife Gas-Stop™ units require no such operations.




How Gas-Stop™ works

While it can take up to 30 minutes or more for a network operator to arrive on-site, Gas-Stop™ closes automatically and quickly. 

When the defined limit for the flow rate is exceeded, Pipelife Gas-Stop™ closes service lines within a fraction of a second and gas main lines within minutes. The increased pressure forces the shut-off-element to retract into the flow, and due to the pressure in the pipe network the valve stays securely locked. 

A visualization depicting the working principle of Pipelife Gas-Stop™  | Pipelife


One of the most frequent causes for gas leaks is damage to service lines during the course of excavation work, resulting in potential accidents.

In the event of damage to the pipe installation from the main line up to the pressure regulator, the Pipelife Gas-Stop™ units integrated in the system close automatically as soon as the flow rate drops beneath the specified limit. This ensures safety for all people and properties connected to the gas network.

Graphic Gas-Stop


Gas-Stop™ provides a preventative and safety measure to eliminate a number of issues that can occur when main lines are damaged:  

  • widespread supply interruptions, if the pressure drop in the respective network reaches a seriously low level. 
  • long journey times to the damage sites due to heavy traffic can delay repair operations and thus cause more damage/ accidents. 
  • serious accidents and damage due to high operating pressures with very large quantities of gas escaping. 
3D model depicting excavations with a damaged gas pipe | Pipelife

quality assurance


Testing concerns both the individual components as well as the end products. A Gas-Stop™ must never close during normal operation, however it must close according to the assigned closing parameters in the event of damage. The closing flow and seal of each individual Pipelife Gas-Stop™ is measured and recorded on a fully automated test bench.


The test result is documented on the product itself through the assignment of a serial number. All test results on the individual components are also associated with this serial number, ensuring seamless traceability.


To guarantee reliable functioning in practical operating situations, the products are also tested on a natural gas test bench. This system is also used for simulating practical conditions for the further development of Gas-Stop™ products.

Installation options

To protect the largest possible length of a gas service line, Gas-Stop is installed as closely as possible to the main line. The installation is usually done with a special pipe section. Besides the standard installations listed below, customized integration is also possible on request (e.g. steel adapter or similar).


PE Adapter: Type Series GSA

Gas-Stop™ is already integrated in a certified pipe section. (Adapter made from PE100/SDR 11)

Visualization of a gas pipe with Pipelife Gas-Stop™ inserted | Pipelife

Tapping Saddles: Type Series GS

Gas-Stop™ is inserted right into the outlet of compatible saddles, for easy installation without mechanical tools.

Electrofusion coupler: Type GSAE

Pipelife Gas-Stop™ is already integrated in an electrofusion coupler.

Pipelife Videos: A film is worth 1000 images

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A wind farm in Groningen, the Netherlands | Pipelife

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