Gas Distribution

Pipelife Gas Pipe Systems

As a leading European manufacturer of polyethylene (PE 80 and PE 100) piping solutions and fittings, gas suppliers worldwide rely on our decades of know-how and expertise.

As can be expected, safety is of the upmost importance when installing gas pipe systems. Therefore our piping solutions ensure that you are equipped with safe, long lasting, and low-maintenance solutions, for a reliable gas supply network and long service life.

Unique in the gas industry, we also manufacture and supply complete piping systems in PVC for low-pressure distribution under 0.2 bar and for hydrogen applications



PVC/CPE pipe

For low-pressure gas distribution, we offer a complete range of PVC/CPE pipes and fittings, which are easy and quick to install. Their impact resistance is eight times higher compared to standard PVC pipes.

PVC-O pipe

This pipe is ideal for water transportation, and also for natural gas. PVC-O pipes are produced with a thinner wall, while maintaining a robust structure, enabling more flexibility and less weight.

Robust Pipe

Multilayer pipe with an internal wall made of standard PE, which is especially resistant against rock impingement, and ideal for use in all low-pressure applications. 

Demo Waterstofhuis in Apeldoorn met gasleiding en gas-stop van Pipelife

PVC pipes for hydrogen mix

A safe and economical solution for the transportation of hydrogen mixes through certified PVC pipe systems for gas grids.

Tested and certified solutions

Safety is of the upmost importance at Pipelife, which is why all our systems undergo extensive testing before shipment.

Whether you are installing one of our gas pipe systems or our state of the art Pipelife Gas Stop, you can ensure you have peace of mind with reliable, safe and durable installations. 

As can be expected, our solutions comply with stringent national as well as international safety and quality standards. 


CERTIFIED stamp. Wooden round rubber stamper and stamp with text certified isolated on white background. 3d illustration

News and Projects

At the Forefront of Hydrogen Infrastructure Development

Feb 15th, 2023 | 8 min read

Our renewable energy experts discuss the success of the Netherlands’ hydrogen strategy as well as the role of Pipelife's solutions in its implementation.

A wind farm in Groningen, the Netherlands | Pipelife

Trenchless Installation Allows Recommissioning a Depleted Gas Field

Mar 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

To resume recovery from part of the Saltfleetby Gas Field, which had been shut down by the operator, a new connection to the gas grid was needed.

SoluForce Gas Tight Pipe Getting Uncoiled Before Installation | Pipelife

Hydrogen Infrastructure for Renewable Energy: Challenges and Solutions

Feb 17th, 2022 | 5 min read

Hydrogen energy is often referred to as "future fuel" and is considered crucial in transitioning towards a carbon-neutral economy by the EU.

Aerial view of Groningen Seaports | Pipelife

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