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With the installation of a Pipelife vacuum roof drainage system, water evacuation from office buildings, industrial buildings and blocks of flats, especially where flat roofs are concerned, has never been easier, more functional or economical to install.

Compared to traditional roof drainage systems, Pipelife vacuum roof drainage installations require fewer gullies and are a perfect solution for flat roofed buildings, functioning at best with roof gradients below 3%.

With rainwater sucked into a downpipe at full flow, water is evacuated quickly and efficiently, especially during high precipitation.  

Fast installation with fewer materials

Installation for vacuum roof drainage systems require smaller and fewer pipes and fittings compared to conventional gravitational systems.

This means you have more construction and planning freedom, with less materials and space needed. You also have the added advantage of vacuum roof drainage systems being able to auto-clean with rainwater being siphoned at full flow. 

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Safer and more efficient

Vacuum roof drainage systems provide a safer solution compared to gravitational networks, due to welded connections instead of socket pipes and fitting joints.

If you are considering installing our Raineo system, our vacuum roof drainage completes the set up for efficiently driving water through to the infiltration and storage process.

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