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New small Grease separator - ECO1

Recently Pipelife launched a new compact grease separator with a volume of almost 40 litres. This product is mainly designated for small »fast food« restaurants and all food processing operations with limited space in which the mounting of classic grease separators is not possible.

ECO 1 is made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene (PE) by rotational moulding and designed for easy handling with hub-free connections, an odour-resistant cover, flow-diffusing baffle and integrated trap. The small »under-sink« separator is mounted with couplings as its name suggests – under or near the sink. Due to the importance of preventing odour leakages during the operation, each separator is tested twice during the production process: the first time when the product is taken out of a mould and afterwards when the separator is finalized.

In most countries all restaurants and food processing enterprises are required to install grease traps in order to separate greasy materials from wastewater before passing into municipal sewers.

The grease, oil and solid waste causes blockages which attract vermin. In addition to being a serious health and safety risk, this can result in immense inconvenience and expenses for the waste producer. Restaurants and the food processing industry are the main sources of greasy waste. Therefore it is extremely important that the grease traps used at these establishments effectively remove grease from wastewater before it passes into the sewer system.

In order to enable normal functioning, the small ECO 1 has to be cleaned in regular intervals. In this case, cleaning is manual, through the upper opening where a cover with a sealing element is screwed on. The cleaning frequency depends on the type and the amount of food processed. In any case, it is advisable to check the quantity of collected grease every three days in order to prevent the blockage of waste pipes.

For more information please contact Bojan Cendak or download our brochure.