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Pragma ID - now available for Inspection

Radom. A six page brochure explaining the details of PRAGMA ID is shortly to be published by Pipelife Polska in the English language. PRAGMA® is a polypropylene (PP-B) structured wall pipe with a tough corrugated outside and a smooth wall inside.

Michal Mierzejewski, Marketing manager for the firm explains: “Throughout Poland our city and rural sewer networks are being renovated or replaced. PRAGMA® was so successful that we have launched a new generation. PRAGMA ID is produced in Poland as its name suggests according to its Inside Diameter. It is essentially the same concept. An English brochure was essential given the potential export interest in the new product line.”

In the sewer range, there are five new inside diameter sizes: 300, 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm. These new diameters complement the already existing range from the Pipelife group. Outside diameters for the Pipelife Group range from 160 mm to 630 mm. Furthermore, to complete the systems, these pipes are accompanied for the larger versions with hand-made fittings such as inspection chambers, bends, reducers and branches.

“Our brochure communicates the technical features and their commercial benefits,” insists Mierzejewski. “Tightness, abrasion data and other physical and mechanical properties are fully explained as well as our range of perforated drainage pipes. We are able to offer five different diameter sizes in this drainage range. Each size can be supplied in three different versions according to the intensity of perforation.”

“PRAGMA® really is a state of the art system. In addition to sewer and rainwater systems, significant demand is expected for industrial and telecommunication purposes as well as for draining roads, storage yards and waste dumps.”

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