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Aqualine RC - the PE pipe for drinking water

Recently Pipelife Austria introduced its new PE pipe system for drinking water. The system called “AQUALINE RC” is especially recommended for a non-conventional laying technique and is produced in the plant in Wiener Neudorf.

The new material PE100 RC (crack-resistant) is a further development of the well-proven PE100 and distinguishes with two positive features:
  • an extraordinary well performance against slow crack growth and
  • an increased resistance against concentrated load

These special characteristics, in combination with new Pipelife production technologies, enable many more application possibilities then only the standard sand-bed laying.

In combination with alternative laying techniques such as milling and ploughing, the use of AQUALINE RC can reduce the construction costs. Therefore the material selection in construction projects becomes even more important.

AQUALINE RC pipes were developed during intensive development work in cooperation with one of the leading Austrian testing institutes. The system is available in the diameters ranging from 63mm up to 400mm. The pipes comply with the according ÖNORM EN 12201 guidelines, are qualified for drinking water and achieve the high requirements of ÖVGW/GRIS.

Werner Sens, responsible product manager at Pipelife Austria is convinced by the high quality of the new pipe systems: “AQUALINE RC not only fulfils the standard characteristics of a high-class plastic pipe such as long durability, corrosion resistance, high abrasion resistance and practical connection technology, but also does the new system set new standards in the area of pipe installation.”

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