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Pipelife Gas Stop Improves Gas Grid Safety for Enexis

As of this year, Enexis Netbeheer will be the first grid manager in the Netherlands to install the Pipelife Gas Stop as a standard safety measure in the gas grid.

The Gas Stop automatically shuts off the gas supply of the 100 mbar household connection in case of sudden leakages, for example during digging or maintenance activities. The Dutch gas grid is already safe, and this Gas Stop will increase safety even more in case of sudden gas outflow.

The Gas Stop is already used on a large scale in other countries. In some countries this Gas Stop is even a mandatory part of the gas grid. This component will be introduced gradually with replacements of gas connections and in new-build housing projects. In 2017, approximately 18,000 Gas Stops will be placed. In the years thereafter, this number will grow to approximately 35,000 Gas Stops on an annual basis. Meter cupboards of houses that are supplied with Gas Stops will carry a special label. This will tell the mechanics that a Gas Stop is installed, enabling them to carry out repairs in a focused way. Per year, Enexis Netbeheer responds to more than 2,600 reports of gas leakages in home connections.

Han Slootweg, director Asset Management of Enexis Netbeheer: “This Gas Stop was tested extensively in the past year. This led to the conclusion that the Gas Stop is a valuable and trustworthy addition to the existing gas grid. Therefore, we are proud to be the first grid manager to add this component to our grid.”

Marcel Scucces, Business Manager at Pipelife Netherlands: “We developed the Gas Stop specifically for the Dutch gas grid with a perfect fit to existing components. We are satisfied that the results of this pilot were positive and are proud to have contributed to this result. With this product we help to achieve a safer gas grid especially in case of emergencies.”