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Cleanbox Grease - Choosing the right system

Whenever grease is or might potentially be released into the sewage system and thus endanger the environment and eco-system, the choice of a Pipelife Grease Separator is a responsible and environmentally-friendly choice.

Eco Pipelife has developed and produced four types of grease separators that differ on their grease separation capacities. This way we offer to our customers the cleaning system that best address their needs and requirements.        

Flow rate  Nominal size 
 2 l/s  NS2
4 l/s NS4
7 l/s NS7
10 l/s NS10

All types of Pipelife Grease Separators meet the requirements and regulations set forth by the European standards EN-1825-1 and EN-1825-2 and have 20 years operational expectancy. Grease separators are often installed in combination with sand or sludge separators. We'll be glad to advise and supply you with sand or sludge separator systems as well.

If you uncertain as to which system best suits your needs, please contact us . Our experts will answer all your enquiries.