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The quality of all Eco Pipelife products guarantees long-lasting performance. The life expectancy of an Oil Separator is 20 years. All materials used in manufacture are highly durable and non-corrosive and all equipment used in the system is produced according to the highest quality standards.

In order to ensure the most efficient functioning of the system it should be regularly maintained and cleaned in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Regular inspections should be performed in order to observe oil residue accumulations, structural soundness, water tightness and the condition of both the inlet and outlet of the oil separator.
  • To avoid any danger and ensure optimal result, maintenance should be performed by a certified cleaning company, which will safely remove the oil residues and ensure appropriate and environmentally-sound processing of the waste.
  • During maintenance, the side walls of the tank, the inlet holes and the oil removal pipe have to be thoroughly cleaned with high-pressure washers. The riser and cover should be visually checked for any damage.
  • After cleaning of the tank, the probes of the electronic warning device have to be cleaned with a soft cloth, to ensure the sensors aren’t damaged. Afterwards the tank should be filled with water.
  • Once maintenance is complete, the oil separator is ready to resume operation.
  • If any larger malfunction should occur, Eco Pipelife will provide specialists to repair it as quickly as possible.

Warning: In performing inspections or other maintenance, the tank should not be entered. The tank is a confined space and entry can be extremely hazardous on account of toxic gases and/or insufficient oxygen.