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Pump Stations

Raw sewage is one of the greatest pollutants of our time, normally sewage is carried through watertight piping systems to sewage treatment plants. This is usually achieved by means of gravity systems.

However in cases where there is insufficient gradient due to natural conditions to permit this, or in urbanized areas, additional power is required to convey the sewage to the treatment plant. This occurs when the house sewer connection to a receiving tank is below the level of the street sewer. In such cases the only solution is the provision of a small lifting station to overcome the differences in height. Besides wastewater our pump stations can also deal with storm water.

In designing PRO Pump Stations, Pipelife, one of the largest producers of plastic sewer systems, has used its wide experience gained over years to solve this problem. The pump station is housed in one of the PRO chambers which have been a synonym for quality in Europe for many years. The chamber, made of injection-moulded PP complies with the highest standards of underground sewer shafts and is in accordance with, and in many cases exceeds, the requirements of the EN-14982 regulations. With a carefully selected system of pumps manufactured by one of the largest pump companies in the world, we provide the most versatile, reliable and secure prefabricated sewage pump stations.

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