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PROPUMP Pumping Station - Choosing the right system

The Pipelife PRO stations are prefabricated at the works and delivered to site needing only to be connected. Thus, prefabrication is exactly according to specifications with the inlets and outlets positioned as required and with the correct dimensions and the correct height of the pump.

Before manufacture, the space requirements of the pumps and equipment as well as the storage volume of the wet cell are carefully calculated so that the proper size and configuration of the pump station can be determined. The diameter of the station and the height of the pumps are often dictated by site conditions such as the inlet and outlet dimensions of the site sewage system. Also to be determined are the depth of the station and whether foundation slabs are required. All stations must be protected against buoyancy when empty.

All Pipelife PRO stations are provided with access openings for pump and equipment removal. However, interior dimensions will generally be less than for field-erected stations. All stations are provided with auto-coupling system mounted at the bottom of the pit to provide easy installation and removing pumps from mountings. The upper end of guide rails for pump dismounting is connected to the pump station housing just below the access opening in order to provide easy handling during maintenance. Ladders are not standard equipment but can be provided in medium to large sized stations on request.

Pipelife PRO stations are provided in two standard types as follows:

  • Ø 800 and Ø 1000 pit suitable for pumps e.g. Grundfos series SEG.40.09 up to SEG.40.40 and Grundfos series SE1.50.65.22 up to SE1.50.65.40 or SEV.65.65.22 up to SEV.80.80.22 single pump installation
  • Ø 1000 pit suitable for pumps e.g. Grundfos series SEG.40.09 up to SEG.40.40 single or double pump installation