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PROPUMP Pumping Station - How does it work

Basically there are two types of pump stations on the market, dry-pit and wet-pit

Dry-pit stations consist of two separate elements, the storage chamber or wet well and the dry well. Wastewater enters the wet well, which is connected to the dry well by horizontal suction pipes, Normally dry-pit stations are more complex and larger than wet-pit stations. Centrifugal pumps are usually used in dry-pit stations. The main advantage of theses stations is the availability of a dry area for personnel to perform routine and maintenance pump and pipe work.

Pipelife prefabricated PRO stations are wet-pit stations using submerged pumps in a wet well. The submerged pumps are well adapted to handling wastewater and permit easy maintenance due to easy pump removal. The pumps are available in various sizes depending upon the duty required.

The PRO station range is designed to handle wastewater, surface water, domestic and industrial waste water. The dimension of the pit depends on the volume of wastewater and the capacity of the pump.


Pipelife PRO stations provide an efficient and economical method of installing a sewage pump station.


  • Individual houses
  • Groups of buildings, residential areas
  • Most areas that require wastewater pressure systems
  • As a lifting station and extra wastewater storage tank
  • For pump stations equipped with state-of-the-art controls and equipped with GPRS