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Cleanbox SBR

How does it work

The Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) cleans the wastewater in one ore more batch reactors according to a predetermined sequence of operations. The system performs equalization, aeration and clarification in a single batch reactor.

Usually the Pipelife SBR system consists of at least two tanks. In this kind of configuration the first tank – the settlement tank – is used to retain the non-solvent particles. Because of their physical characteristics the non-solvent particles are discarded at the bottom of the settlement tank. The rest of the wastewater is conveyed to the second reactor by the pump on the reactor unit – the Swimmer Unit into the second tank – the SBR.

The wastewater treatment is essentially accomplished by the equipment mounted on the SBR’s swimmer unit. The unit floats on the water in the reactor. Due to its floating nature, the pumps and equipment that it hosts stay in optimal position at the top of the water level.

When the second tank – the SBR – is filled, the water treatment of the respective batch begins. The aerator mounted on the Swimming unit pumps air into the reactor tank. The air is necessary for the biological part of the cleaning process. Additional components can be pumped into the wastewater in order to remove chemical residues.

After the wastewater treatment cycle is finished, the cleaned water is pumped out of the system and safely discharged into the environment. Afterwards the SBR system is immediately ready to start the cleaning of the following batch.

To ensure that the cleaning process was successfully accomplished the control bottle takes a sample from the outgoing water. The whole batch treatment process is regulated by the Pipelife control unit. This unit also informs the user on the progress of the cleaning process.

Pipelife SBR’s program of wastewater treatment cycles can be easily modified and adapted to specific effluent requirements or regulations.