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Septic Tank - Maintenance

The Pipelife Septic Tank requires little operator intervention. Regular inspections, septage pumping and periodic cleaning of the effluent filter or screen are the only operational and maintenance requirements. Nevertheless, keep in mind that regular maintenance reduces the risk of contaminating environmental water sources, prevents costly repairs or system replacement and maximizes system durability.

Regular inspections should be performed in order to observe sludge and scum accumulations, structural soundness, water tightness and the condition of both the inlet and outlet of the septic tank.

  • The tank should be pumped when sludge and scum accumulations exceed 30 percent of the tank volume or have reached the inlet and outlet entrances. Pumping of the septic tank is necessary to ensure proper system performance and reduce the risk of hydraulic failure.
  • If the system is not inspected, the septic tank should be pumped every 3 to 5 years, depending on the number of building occupants and household appliances and habits.
  • Septage removal should be performed by a certified cleaning company. They are qualified to safely remove the septage and ensure appropriate and environmentally-sound processing.
  • Once maintenance is complete, the septic tank is ready to resume operation.

If any larger malfunction should occur, Eco Pipelife will provide specialists to repair it as quickly as possible.

Warning: In performing inspections or other maintenance, the tank should not be entered. The tank is a confined space and entry can be extremely hazardous due to toxic gases and/or insufficient oxygen.