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Stormbox - Choosing the right system

Investors and civil engineers are tasked with finding the correct system on a daily basis. The variety of similar systems on the market can be confusing and time-consuming.
Pipelife started the STORMBOX project with a clear vision of the value that this product will bring to the customer.  Our research and development team performed many tests on existing equipment as well as studies of new shapes and materials. In addition, the marketing department engaged in research among the customers.
In the end, Pipelife knew exactly which features the product had to offer: It had to be simple, light, strong and durable.

The Pipelife STORMBOX consists of only three parts:

  • A ground plate is necessary only for the first layer. No clips are required for the connection between the plate and box. Clips are needed to connect boxes together in vertical and horizontal arrangements in order to improve the structure strength.

Proper implementation of a storm-water detention/retention system depends on a number of features, including the goals of community, physical conditions within the project area (such as the absorptive properties of the soil and the computation of connected surface areas) and design assumptions such as rainfall duration, intensity, frequency and hydrograph shape. With this in mind, our R&D department developed a powerful and reliable software tool for calculating requirements.
The calculations are free of charge, and only a few parameters are needed to determine your specific requirements.
This data is entered into the program by your local Pipelife representative, who will then provide you with the size and installation details for your specific project.


  • With a height of only 300 mm, it is easier to bury and suitable for areas with high groundwater levels.
  • With the 8 plug-and-play apertures (2 on the top and 6 on the sides), the STORMBOX is one of the most flexible products in the market.
  • Strong DN55 pillars give enormous strength and durability to the product, while still leaving plenty of space for inspections and cleaning.