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Stormbox - How does it work

STORMBOX is designed to regulate the run-off from a given rainfall event and to control discharge rates to reduce the impact on downstream storm water systems.

In most urban areas, storm water piping systems are already overloaded due to the increasing pace of development and construction.  In many cases, renewing of existing pipe systems or installation of new ones is impossible for cost reasons and/or because the construction work would interrupt vital communications. However, outdated and incorrectly sized pipe networks are in many cases no longer capable of handling the quantities of water that arise. Uncontrolled storm water will find its own way to escape from run-off areas in the form of streams and floods that cost billions of euros each year and can even take lives.

Using powerful software that is a core element of proper planning, your Pipelife representative is able to calculate the exact volume of run-off from a defined rainfall event.

All excessive storm water will be transported to the soak-away structure made out of STORMBOX elements. If necessary or required by local regulations, the storm water can also be cleaned of oil and other residues before entering the infiltration blocks.
With this solution you will be able to store run-off from defined areas and release it through the structured sides at rates reflecting the natural conditions that existed before construction took place. However, this is not all: With this solution, you will be able to keep the scarce groundwater at an acceptable level, rivers and streams will not overflow their banks and the existing sewer and drainage system will not be overloaded.