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Stormbox - Installation Instructions

The STORMBOX units should be installed according to the installation instructions provided by your local representative and according to local regulations.

Boxes should be installed at least 50 cm above the groundwater level. This prevents contaminated water in the boxes from mixing with groundwater.

The base of the hole must be smooth and without any pools, bulges or soft spots. If any such imperfections exist, they must be removed and, if necessary, refilled with compacted granular filler material.

In case of infiltration: the base should be filled and compacted with a bedding of 10 cm coarse sand or other granular material, ensuring infiltration from the STORMBOX units into the underlying ground.

In case of a water storage application (no infiltration), the entire project should be enclosed with geo-membranes.

After setting up the STORMBOX units, the geo-textile should be wrapped around the entire application, leaving no open spaces.

The space between the side of the holes and the STORMBOX units should be at least 30 cm and filled with coarse sand to ensure maximum infiltration.

The top of the project should be protected with at least 80 cm of coarse sand. Do not use a reversible soil compacter for the first 40 cm; use tandem rollers with a maximum weight of 2300 kg/m instead. Do not allow driving over units until surfaced (except for compaction and by tracked excavators). Make certain that cranes do not operate over units. Tracked excavators must not exceed 21 tonnes.

Further backfilling and pavement construction or landscaping depend on the required traffic classes and on local requirements.

Prevent accidental loads or traffic after closing of the installation. Mark the location of the tank on the ground and with signs. Cranes are not allowed to pass over.


  • For more specific installation instructions, please contact us.