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The STORMBOX is an innovative new product that finds its main application in rainwater infiltration and storage solutions.

  • General application areas:
  • Per building.
  • Per group of buildings.
  • Per build area, behind the road gullies.
  • As a transport system in line to open water.
  • As a buffer, box wrapped in a wa-terproof textile.
  • As a delay in a clean water sewer.
  • As a nurturing system for trees, with or without filling opening

With the help of Pipelife’s infiltration systems groundwater levels will be kept to an acceptable level, the water will be transported to a place were it is not in the way, the existing sewer system will not be overloaded and sewer treatment plants can use their capacity to do what they need to do; clean dirty water!

Key Features

  • Low weight, highly manageable
  • One of the strongest boxes in the market with a designed lifetime over 50 years
  • Modular, fast and easy stacking
  • Flexible configuration, box can be split in halves for brick bond forma-tions
  • Horizontal and vertical inspection and cleaning possible
  • Very low height, ideal for low groundwater levels
  • Flexibility in inlets from 110-200mm
  • Nett capacity of 95.5%.

Technical Data

Stormbox   Stormbox
Bottom plate   bottom plate
Clips   clips
Colour Traffic Green RAL6024
Material  Polypropylene
Dimensions  Length: 1200 mm
Width: 600 mm
Height: 300 mm

Nett capacity 95,5 %

206 l 


STORMBOX: 8.0 kg 

Ground plate: 1.7 kg
Clip:  0.01 kg

Maximum strengths short term  Vertical: 500 kN/m2
Lateral: 85 kN/m2 
Maximum strengths long term Vertical: 100 kN/m2
Lateral: 20 kN/m2 
Inlets From all side walls 110, 125 and 160 mm. From top up to 200 mm

BRL 52250, KOMO approval pending

patents pending WO2008/140297,
WO2008/140298, WO2008/140310

Drawings  dwg


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