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Stormbox - Sites of application

Whenever the existing drainage and storm water pipelines are insufficient or if the construction of new pipelines is too expensive, systems that store storm-water are required at the place of precipitation. These structures store run-off from urbanized areas and release it into the natural cycle at rates reflecting the natural or urbanized conditions that existed before development.

Moreover, most quickly-growing areas in cities and surroundings areas are faced with the problem of increasingly paved ground surfaces, which reduces natural infiltration and results in the ground water level sinking and drying out over time.

In many countries, groundwater is the most important drinking water resource.

Some examples for STORMBOX usage:

  • Private houses
  • Residential areas
  • For all areas that need flood prevention systems and where the existing storm water transport facilities are already inadequate
  • As a transport system for conveying water to open water bodies
  • As a retention box wrapped in a waterproof polyethylene foil
  • As a nurturing system for trees, with or without filling opening.