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Pipelife Gas Stop

One of the most frequent causes for gas leaks is damage to service lines during the course of excavation work. Manipulations or imporper handling within the building - in the area up to the main shut-off valve or the pressure regulator - have also led to accidents.

The Pipelife Gas Stop TM is caracterized by two main features:

  • During normal operation, the Pipelife Gas Stop TM remains secured in the open position, even with maximum flow.
  • In the event of damage - for instance due to digger work - to the service line, the installed Pipelife Gas Stop TM closes automatically within fractions of a second as soon as the specified limit for the flow rate is exceeded.

Pipelife Gas Stop TM valves are used by gas supply companies throughout the world in plastic, steel and cast iron service lines with great success. In thousands of cases, gas leaks have been reliably prevented after damage to service lines.

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