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Plastic pipe systems are used everywhere around the home and throughout buildings. Often hidden, their presence is essential for the purposes of hot & cold water, heating & cooling, and soil. Without their contribution to sanitary wellbeing, life would be almost unimaginable.

In the area of Building applications, Pipelife's main focus is to provide complete solutions for the safe and reliable flow and evacuation of water inside buildings. The typical applications in this very dynamic business unit are plumbing and heating.

For more detailed information on our In-House applications please contact us or download our catalogs.


covers the in-house foul water lines including pipes, fittings, floor drains, traps, back flow protection, grease separators and roof drainage systems - when they are installed within the interior walls of the house.


includes all pipe systems for distribution of drinking water and heating inside the house. The focus on this application is on innovative design in the area of sanitary - potable water distribution, under-floor, wall, central and low energy heating systems.